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Ways to Exercise With Your Pet In The Winter

Top 6 Ways to Exercise With Your Pet In The Winter

1. Indoor Fetch
Indoor fetch can be a great way to burn off some canine energy when it is cold outside. Just keep in mind obstacles, breakables and space. A long empty hallway can be a great option for indoor fetch.

2. Stairways
Utilize your stairway to get your dog’s heart racing. Get your exercise done at the same time by putting your dog on a leash and walk or jog up and down the stairs.

3. Doga
Doga or Dog Yoga, can be a great way to connect with your dog, relax and stretch. Look for classes in your area for this increasingly popular canine activity.

4. Interval Running
When it is cold out, interval running can add intensity to your exercising while shortening the time needed to be outside.

5. Indoor Training
Enrolling in an Indoor Training Class is a great way to brush up on the obedience training as well as get some warm and much needed exercise for your dog. Make sure to invest in some canine boots and jackets for breeds that are sensitive to cold or if you will be running in an area that could lead to paw damage.

6. Treadmill
Treadmills are a great training tool as dogs are able to run for long periods of time, draining all the excess energy out right before training. This tool can be used during the cold months too for the same purpose while staying out of the cold.


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