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Cat Litter

Cat litter product selection may vary from store to store. For product inquires, please contact a Bone & Biscuit location near you.

Feline Fresh

Scoopable Feline Fresh®, clumping pine formula. This cat litter outperforms traditional clay and clumping litters in every way. Our pine clumping technolo...( read more )

Swheat Scoop

There is a simple science to why we chose to make cat litter from 100% wheat. when the wheat is ground, the manufacturing process exposes starch and enzyme...( read more )

World's Best Cat Litter

GET A CLEANER LITTER BOX WITH LESS LITTER WITH THE CONCENTRATED POWER OF CORN.Unlike clay cat litter, only World's Best Cat Litter™ uses a patented proc...( read more )

Yesterday's News

esterday's News® brand cat litter, introduced in 1987 into the alternative cat litter segment, provides cat owners with a simple solution for managing the...( read more )