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Dog Supplements

Supplements can help your dog with their health in many ways. From joint problems to skin and coat problems, there are supplements that can help improve the quality of life for your dog. At the Bone & Biscuit co. we believe in the natural solution. That's why we carry a variety of natural and homeopathic supplements for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and life stages. 

Dog Supplements product and brand selection may vary from store to store.

For product/brand inquiries, please contact a Bone & Biscuit location near you. 

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Adored Beast

Adored Beast Apothecary is the culmination of decades of experience in the trenches of holistic healthcare by founder Julie Anne Lee, DCH. Opening the fir...( read more )


BiologicVET is designed for your dog and cat’s health, comfort and wellness. Our products are driven by a sincere passion for animal wellness that puts q...( read more )


For over half a century, pet food manufacturers have claimed that because carbohydrate-based, heat processed pet foods are "nutritionally complete and bala...( read more )


Vetscience was created by people with a passion for innovation and advanced nutrition with a primary focus on natural and harvest fresh ingredients. We bel...( read more )

Grizzly Salmon Oil

Grizzly Salmon Oil™ is derived only from wild Alaskan Salmon that have spent their entire lives foraging on a natural, nutrient-rich diet. The resulting ...( read more )

Holistic Blends

Holistic Blend®, a Canadian and family owned company, set out in 1993 to change the pet food industry. We believe a pet's health, behaviour, temperament,...( read more )


HomeoPet LLC is a family owned business that produces a line of Natural and Homeopathic remedies for animals. Established in 1994 to meet the increasing de...( read more )

Mojo Pet Supplements

Mojo Pet Supplements are for pet owners who want to help support their pet for life; seizures, anxiety, aggressive behavior, inflammation, and arthritis i...( read more )

Natural Pet

atural Pet Foods was the first store in the Ottawa area to offer a selection of 100% all natural foods. On the cusp of a revolution in pet foods, the missi...( read more )

Olie Naturals

Olie™ Naturals is passionate about providing high quality whole food supplements that we believe enhance and promote the stabilization of health in our c...( read more )


ProZyme, Inc. was founded in 1990 with a vision of establishing a high-quality, value-added and customer-driven biochemical reagent company. We are proud, ...( read more )


Just like other members of your household, your pet may suffer from painful conditions due to injury, genetic predisposition, or as the result of aging. Yo...( read more )

Vet's Best

Did you know that your pet’s overall health can be seen in the health of their skin? Believe it or not, dogs and cats have far more sensitive skin than t...( read more )