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Cat Nip

Cat Nip product selection may vary from store to store. For product inquires, please contact a Bone & Biscuit location near you.

Kitty Kush

Kitty Kush is a design of Trust Fund Pets, a Vancouver-based company providing premium pet products brands and solutions.  We exist to bring enjoyment, w...( read more )

Kooky Kat

The Kooky Kat Catnip Company based in BC, Canada grows and supplies high quality catnip herbs and feline pleasure pals (toys) for cats worldwide since 1989...( read more )


Simply Catnip is based in the beautiful Welsh countryside of Monmouthshire, where all of our catnip products are carefully quality controlled and approved ...( read more )

West Paw

West Paw Design still uses USDA certified catnip in its cat toys and stores finished goods in re-usable banana boxes (keeping them out of the landfill and ...( read more )