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Wet Food for Cats

Does your kitty go crazy when you reach for the can opener? Then you'll love the wet cat food brands we have to offer. We carry only the best brands with natural ingredients that taste great (to your cat). We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, manufacturing techniques and nutritional value of every product on our shelves. So you can rest assured knowing that every can you find in our store is safe and nutritious for your cat. 

Wet Cat Food product and brand selection may vary from store to store.

For product/brand inquiries, please contact a Bone & Biscuit location near you. 

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Almo Nature pet foods have been formulated focussing on the needs of pets, their point of view and their wellbeing. We strive to achieve for all the ingre...( read more )


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Canada Fresh

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Cats In The Kitchen

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First Mate

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Pet Kind

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Tiki Cat

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Ziwi Peak

Dogs and cats need all natural, raw, fully-balanced food ingredients. So that’s what we give them. ZiwiPeak dog and cat food’s made with fresh, natural...( read more )