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The Bone & Biscuit Co pet store franchise opportunity is a proven natural pet store franchise model that has an established brand, an exceptional product, a thriving market and continual franchisee support. Find out why you should join our pack today and become your neighbourhood pet food expert.

Founder, Lee Drescher, has always had a clear vision of wanting to offer a unique service to discerning and health-conscious pet owners. Since the opening of its first location in 2008, the Bone & Biscuit Company has continually maintained the highest standards and quality of natural foods, supplies, and accessories. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, manufacturing techniques and nutritional value of every product. Our product lines include only the finest high-quality raw, dry and canned foods, an abundant selection of natural treats, homeopathic supplements, unique artisan baked goods, clothing and a comprehensive range of “boutique” toys and general care items for everyday use.

Benefits Of Ownership

The Bone & Biscuit Company offers a natural pet store franchise opportunity that offers many benefits of ownership:

- A unique and proven natural pet store franchise concept
- A Canadian store that had a proven product-market fit
- Established business systems
- Ability to secure the best locations through strong relationships in the commercial real estate industry
- A proven track record of profitable franchise locations
- Established strong relationships with our suppliers
- A unique marketing proposition
- A rewarding way of life-giving independence and a meaningful contribution to your community

The Cat's Out Of The Bag

Hear what our Bone & Biscuit franchisees have to say

Owning a Bone and Biscuit has been an awesome opportunity for our entire family. It is hard work but very rewarding. We now have so much more flexibility and are happy to be living the lifestyle we were hoping for. To be able to combine our passion with our work is amazing and we get to meet so many great people in our local community. We really enjoy being small business owners and having the support of a larger organization behind us has been incredibly helpful.

Jay & Karen, Bone & Biscuit Newport Village

We've been open for business for a short seven months, but being a Bone & Biscuit owner has been a pleasure. Lee and Steve are always a phone call away and the support that I feel from head office gives me great comfort. This has been a great business venture for us.

Dora, Bone & Biscuit Etobicoke

We opened our doors about one year ago and have never looked back. Owning and operating a Bone & Biscuit franchise has been both exciting and gratifying. As an established, recognized and respected brand name, we’ve made good relationships with both our vendors and our customers easily. Lee, Steve & the entire ownership group are always available to help. It can be a lot of work at times, but nothing beats helping our community while petting dogs all day long.

Joshua & Cecilia, Bone & Biscuit Heritage Valley

Immaculately clean store, well lit and tastefully designed.

- Bryan Sargeant

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Check out our frequently asked questions
Is there a market for natural pet food stores?

Various reports indicate that Canadians are estimated to spend nearly $4 billion on their pets this year from food and toys, kennels, grooming, and training to veterinary services. Canadians spend more on their pets than they do on toys and candy combined. No region in Canada hasn’t experienced an increased level of demand for pet products and services. The APPMA (American Pet Product Manufacturers Association Inc.) projects Americans to spend $38.4 billion in 2010, up 100% from ten years ago. This trend shows absolutely no indication of slowing down. In fact, the business and financial community believes the pet industry will grow at an average rate of between 6 and 8% annually. The bottom line is clear. The growth of the pet industry is not just a “trend”. It is a lifestyle shift that has resulted in the creation of a healthy and vibrant industry catering to our beloved animals.
Why should I choose to join The Bone & Biscuit Company pack?

The Bone & Biscuit Company offers a unique and proven natural pet store franchise concept that works. This business opportunity is a model that is straightforward to replicate and thrive under the dedication and commitment of strong owner-operators.
How much is the franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $30,000
How much are the royalty and advertising fees?

The Royalty fee is 6% of net sales and the Advertising fee is 1% of net sales. These are collected monthly.
How much does it cost to open a typical Bone & Biscuit Company store?

The cost is very dependent on the size of the store. A typical 1,400 square ft. store would cost +/- $400,000 to turnkey. This amount is split into two parts: 1. +/- $275,000 for the buildout of the store including tenant improvements, millwork, lighting, POS system, freezers, signage etc... 2. +/- $125,000 to cover the franchise fee, inventory, and your initial working capital requirements. Most lending institutions will be willing to finance, all or part, of the $275,000 in 1. above providing you have a minimum net worth of at least $500,000 ( home equity or similar). This will also be a requirement for any landlord. In addition, you will also need liquid assets of approximately $200,000 to cover 2. Above.
How much money will I make?

Actual results vary from location to location.
Is financing available?

We have established excellent working relationships with most major Banks and will assist, through our connections, in obtaining loans if required to establish your new business. In some cases, up to 90% of the capital investment can be borrowed.
Will I receive training?

Knowledgeable staff is and will continue to be a key competitive advantage as natural pet foods and pet products become more specialized. A comprehensive two-week training course is part of each new franchisee's education. Training is an ongoing activity and we arrange continuous training initiatives.
Who will build my store?

Our services extend to producing a comprehensively built plan for your location which can be presented to your local contractors for pricing. We will assist in the bidding process and depending on the level of involvement required by our new partners will overlook the entire build and setup.
Do I have to negotiate the lease for my store?

The Bone & Biscuit Company has developed relationships with numerous developers and commercial real estate professionals, who are active in every major market, optimally positioning and marketing properties and uncovering hidden opportunities for prospective operators. Often the location has already been secured and lease terms established.
Why do I have to order my supplies from your vendors?

We require all franchisees to order products from our approved suppliers only. This ensures that all The Bone & Biscuit Company locations have the best quality product while allowing maximum savings.

Franchise Opportunities

Do you love animals and want to help their owners get the best they can for their furry friends? Check out our franchise opportunities!

If you do not see your city on this list don’t fret as we can help you establish a Bone & Biscuit anywhere!

We are currently seeking franchise opportunities across Canada in the following locations.

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

Getting Started

We make opening your Bone & Biscuit franchise easy. With our expertise, brand and resources we are there for your support at each step.

Request More Information

Submit the REQUEST FOR MORE INFORMATION form on this page and we will contact you within two business days to set up a telephone call. During our call, we will cover the franchise process and get a greater understanding of your goals and aspirations. Following this call, we will send you our confidential agreement and our credit application form.


Set up a meeting

Once we have received the completed forms back from you we will arrange a face-to-face “get to know you “ meeting. At this meeting, we will cover all aspects of owning a Bone and Biscuit franchise in more depth and ensure our aims and objectives are aligned.


Receive Documentation

After our meeting, and on the basis that both parties are excited about the opportunity and ready to move forward, you will receive our Bone and Biscuit Franchise Disclosure document which includes our Franchise Agreement.


Sign the Franchise Agreement

Once you have reviewed the Bone and Biscuit Franchise Disclosure document for at least 15 days with your legal advisor and completed your due diligence (organized store visits, financial information and location visits) you submit the signed franchise agreement with the franchise fee and we’re ready to move towards setting up your new Bone and Biscuit store.


Meet Local Development Agent

The Bone & Biscuit Company has developed relationships with numerous, landlords, developers and commercial real estate professionals, who are active in every major market across Canada. We are constantly in search of hidden opportunities for prospective operators. From shopping centers and retail parks to main streets, our network of professionals provides detailed market intelligence, making every recommendation a local one. Our comprehensive franchise services include site selection, demographic analysis, site acquisition and lease negotiation.


Conduct Local Research

It is critical to the success of any business venture to first conduct local research. Collecting primary data directly from potential customers and secondary data from statistics, local reports and studies and info from organizations like government agencies and the local chamber of commerce will ensure an accurate picture of the demographic and need for a Bone & Biscuit Company location. We can assist with this research as well as the generation of a solid business plan.


Secure Financing if required

We will assist you in the preparation of a personalized Business Plan for your store to present to the relevant financial institution(s). We have established excellent working relationships with most major Banks and will assist, through our connections, in obtaining loans if required to establish your new business. In some cases, up to 90% of the capital investment can be borrowed through a variety of Government schemes with very favourable conditions.


The Final Steps

This is the exciting part, once the Bone & Biscuit Company Franchise Agreement has been signed training and build-out can commence! You are one step closer to opening your new store.



Knowledgeable staff are and will continue to be a key competitive advantage as pet foods and pet products become more specialized. Our comprehensive training program includes our online learning centre and a two-week in-store training course. Training is an ongoing activity and we can arrange continuous training initiatives.


Secure a location and Build your store

We will produce a comprehensive build plan for your location which can be presented to your local contractor(s) for pricing. Alternatively, we offer a full turnkey solution through our in-house design and build team. Our process, including pricing, is completely transparent and very price-competitive.


The Grand Opening

The Bone & Biscuit Company team will create a detailed marketing plan including initial ads and store opening events and we will be there to help you merchandise your store once the inventory arrives. We are there when you open, and after, and offer continued support through our help desk, internal store-to-store communication platform and the Bone and Biscuit family of store owners and Head Office staff.

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Franchise ownership starts here. Fill out this form and tell us a bit about yourself, and where you would like to open your store location. We will respond within 1-2 business days.

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