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The Bone & Biscuit Easter Egg Hunt

Introducing the Bone & Biscuit Easter Egg Hunt! It’s time to get hopping and hunting for some special Easter deals. At Bone & Biscuit we love Easter, so we thought what better way to celebrate than a fun and festive Easter Egg hunt. The best part is it’s digital, so anyone anywhere can participate. 

How it Works:

There are easter eggs hidden all over our website, browse around and see if you can sniff them all out!

*Hint* The Eggs do a little dance when your mouse touches them, so don’t just look with your eyes – put those paws to work! You might even find your first egg right here on this page…


There are 5 different egg coupons to find. If you can find all 3 eggs of the same colour, you’ll receive the coupon that’s hidden inside! Can you find all 15 eggs?

Shop at your local Bone & Biscuit to redeem your Easter Egg Coupons, and spoil your pet with some special Easter treats this year. 


Easter Egg Hunt Round 1 & 2


There will be two rounds of fun for you and your pet to participate in. 

Round 1: April 1 – 10th there are 5 coupons hidden around the Bone & Biscuit site. To unlock each coupon, you’ll need to find all three matching coloured Eggs. But hurry! The eggs won’t be around for long.

Round 2: April 11 – 18th The Easter Bunny is back, and this time 5 new coupons are waiting to be found. But don’t think it’ll be easy, the eggs have been scrambled, and hidden in all-new places for this round.

Coupon Information:

Egg Coupons cannot be combined with other promotions. Only one coupon can be redeemed per purchase. Coupons are valid April 1st – April 24th. Discontinued and very new items may not be included. Available while supplies last.


  • How do I join the Easter Egg Hunt?

    • Hi there! Great question – To join in the Easter Egg Hunt all you have to do is click through the pages on the Bone and Biscuit website until you find all three eggs of a matching colour. Whenever you find a new egg, be sure to click on it to show you’ve spotted it. Currently, on the site, there are 5 different colour eggs with deals waiting to be found. No sign-up or entering your information is required! Thanks for your question on this and we hope you have fun!

  • I only saw one Easter egg

    • Hi there! We’ve hidden the eggs all throughout the Bone & Biscuit site (including this blog post, our homepage, other blog posts and many more). We know we’ve made some of them a bit more challenging but we hope you’ll be able to find more soon! Stay tuned to Bone & Biscuit’s social media pages for some hints later this week. Good luck and thanks for your comment!

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