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Bone and Biscuit The Well Spotlight header with several dogs, including a rottweiler, border collies and other breeds, laying down in a line on a field of grass on a sunny day.

Bone & Biscuit The Well Toronto Store Spotlight: New Pet Store in Downtown Toronto Coming Spring 2024

Finding healthy, organic and natural products for your dog isn’t always easy. So, when Jas & Sunil stumbled upon a local Bone And Biscuit store, they knew they’d found the perfect business opportunity. 

Now the owners of one of Bone & Biscuit’s newest pet supply store franchises, The Well, Jas & Sunil are thrilled to begin their journey in the pet store industry this coming spring. 

Keep reading to learn more about Bone & Biscuit The Well, the new store owners, and their love for animals!

New Natural-Focused Pet Store Coming Spring 2024 To The Well Toronto

Jas and Sunil, the owners of the new Bone & Biscuit the Well pet store in downtown Toronto, stand in safety vests and helmets in the under-construction pet store.

Along with several other exciting local stores and businesses, Bone & Biscuit The Well will be joining the new retail development at the Well in downtown Toronto. A new and ambitious development, the Bone & Biscuit pet supply store will be in a vibrant urban area, perfect for those looking for a convenient pet shopping experience in downtown Toronto. 

As construction continues on the Bone & Biscuit store, the new pet store is slated to open in Spring 2024, perfect for getting you and your pet ready for the warmer weather!

An official opening date isn’t scheduled yet. Be sure to check in with Bone & Biscuit The Well’s social media to stay up to date on their opening day.

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Finding Their Natural Pet Lifestyle With The Bone & Biscuit Boutique Pet Stores

Jas & Sunil are both pet lovers, and when it comes to their pets, they wanted to make sure they gave them the best care, and best pet food, they could find. For them, focusing on natural, organic products was their goal, and how they connected with the Bone & Biscuit franchise.

A photo of Jas and Sunil, the owners of the new Toronto pet store Bone & Biscuit The Well, posing for a photo and smiling with their schnauzer dog named Dash.

“Our dog, Dash, inspired us to open our location, as we were looking for healthy and organic food options for him. We walked into a local Bone & Biscuit and it felt different from the other pet stores out there. We liked the boutique concept and that it aligned with our healthy and organic lifestyle that we wanted to share with our pets,” says Jas.

Inspired by their experience in other Bone & Biscuit stores, Jas & Sunil decided to pursue opening their own Bone & Biscuit in their area, hoping to help other pet owners have the same experience they had.

A High-Quality Source For All Your Essential Pet Food & Pet Supplies In Downtown Toronto

Like many in the franchise, Bone And Biscuit The Well will carry a wide selection of essential pet supplies and products from your favourite brands.

Their wide selection of pet food supplies available to purchase includes:

  • Cat food and dog food (canned food, dried kibble, raw dog food and raw cat food etc.)
  • Cat and dog grooming products
  • Pet toys for your dogs and cats (like chew toys, balls, stuffies and more)
  • Tasty pet treats and snacks
  • Cat and dog accessories (like dog harnesses and leashes, cute dog and cat sweaters and jackets, dog booties and more)
  • Dog poop bags
  • Supplements and food toppers for dogs and cats
  • Natural and organic pet supplies
  • And plenty of other products.

With natural and healthy food options, high-quality pet grooming tools, delicious treats and fun toys for cats and dogs, The Well pet shop is here to be one of the best pet stores in downtown Toronto for all your pet needs. And, they’ll also be offering some tailored services for owners at special events, so keep your eye out for their exclusive services (like grooming services and teeth cleaning services).

Dash, the mini schnauzer owned by Jas & Sunil, the owners of the Bone & Biscuit The Well store, stands up by a table cheerfully with a large dog cake in front of him an a large #1 balloon  behind him to celebrate his dog birthday.

If you’re an animal lover on the hunt for the best natural pet food in the cat or dog market, high-quality toys or other supplies, Jas & Sunil’s boutique store is sure to have everything you need!

With A Love For The Well and Downtown Toronto Area

As longtime residents of the Toronto area (their whole lives, in fact!), Jas & Sunil were both excited about opening their own business in the area and sharing that excitement with other pet owners in downtown Toronto.

“We have lived in Toronto our entire lives, we enjoy the diversity of the city and the friendly pet culture in the city. This Neighbourhood always has new things to do, amazing entertainment and culture, and pet-friendly parks and patios,” says Jas.

“We are excited to be located in a dog-friendly shopping centre, a first for downtown Toronto. We are also excited to be a part of something “new” for Toronto where we will be surrounded by other pet-friendly businesses, dog parks and local businesses,” adds Sunil.

As lifelong residents and big fans of the area, Sunil & Jas are looking forward to getting involved in their vibrant community and connecting with other pet owners in the Toronto area. 

“We are looking forward to giving back to the Toronto community and providing educational information to customers, enabling them to make the best nutrition decisions for their furry friends and family members.”

A Boutique Downtown Toronto Pet Store That Stands Out From The Crowd

Owning a pet supply store that stands out from the usual “big box” pet stores was important to both Jas and Sunil. Being able to give a boutique experience with their Bone & Biscuit store, and providing natural pet products were both important factors for them, but they also want to focus on building strong relationships with their customers.

“We are committed to building relationships with our customers, and our friendliness and knowledge of nutrition and knowing that we will be carrying only the best products for our fur friends will help us stand out from other pet stores. We are always open to learning new things and relaying that information back to our customers to ensure they are in the loop about the products they are buying,” says Jas.

With a customer-first focus, and reviewing every product before selling it in their store, Jas & Sunil know they can offer a tailored service that you can’t find at most pet stores. This strategy also helps them to make sure they’re providing great service, and helping pet owners make the right decision for them and their pets.

A Family Owned & Operated Pet Supply Store in Downtown Toronto

Not only business partners, but also life partners, Jas & Sunil love that they can own a store together as a family. Valuing their time with their loved ones (including their beloved Dash) you’ll be able to see Jas & Sunil, along with their other family members in the store helping them run the business.

“You’ll see our 3-year-old Mini Schnauzer, Dash, who we have had since he was 2.5 months old. You will also see our family members helping out, from our parents to siblings and cousins,” says Jas & Sunil.

But that’s not all!

They’ve welcomed a new member into their “pack” this fall.

“We are adding a new addition to our family in October 2023, which means you may see our baby around the store while we transition into being parents and business owners!”

Congratulations, Jas & Sunil! We wish you the best of luck in this next phase of your family journey together.

For the Love of Animals! Dash, The Inspiration Behind Opening A Pet Supply Store at The Well Toronto

Both Jas & Sunil are big animal lovers and are incredibly dedicated to their dog, Dash, and helping other pet owners find healthy lifestyles that work for them.

So naturally, we have to share more about the inspiration behind owning their pet supply store, Dash!

A photo of Dash, a young grey merle mini schnauzer, laying in a field of bright green grass in Toronto Ontario, the owners of Bone & Biscuit The Well's dog.

“We own a 3-year-old Mini Schnauzer named Dash, who we can never get enough of! He is full of life and energy (hence the name) and is very loveable. He will do anything for treats and enjoys being outdoors. Although it took me 5 years to convince Sunil to get a dog, we eventually got one and now Sunil and Dash are inseparable (isn’t that how it always goes?!),” Jas says with a laugh.

Now that they have Dash, they wouldn’t have it any other way, and they both love being dog owners.

“Our favourite thing about being a pet owner is the relationship you end up building with your companion/furry friend in your life. We enjoy connecting with other pet owners and sharing the joys of owning a companion; it sparks up conversation and you get to learn about others. We enjoy taking Dash on new adventures and are always looking for pet-friendly parks, road trip ideas, restaurants, patios, malls, and anything we can share with him,” says Sunil.

We love the joys and sense of adventure a pet can bring, too!

The Team At Bone & Biscuit The Well Toronto

Jas & Sunil will also have a team of hard-working, extremely knowledgeable staff joining them at the store.

“We are all excited to present our customers with a warm and welcoming, friendly environment, and a great experience. And we are looking forward to building relationships with everyone who walks through our doors… Sunil and I will be running the store, of course, but we will also be joined by our staff. Our team members are passionate about animals and dedicated to pet nutrition and providing our customers with only the best,” says Jas.

Focused on giving their customers and fellow pet owners the best service possible, Bone & Biscuit The Well is a full team of animal lovers ready to share their knowledge about the pet world with you.

Boneified Pet Advice From Bone & Biscuit The Well

hile Jas & Sunil will be sharing tailored advice with their customers when they shop in-store, they also wanted to share their own insight into being a pet owner, and how you can keep your pets healthy and happy.

Enjoy the time with your pets, feed them well and involve them in as many activities or outings as you can. Your dog or cat is your family member, and we believe in giving them the best care you can,” says Jas.

We couldn’t agree more; Life is too short, so take in every moment you can with your pets!

Dash, the young grey mini schnauzer dog owned by Bone & Biscuit The Well store owners Jas & Sunil, lays on a cream cushion and poses for a professional pet photo.

Welcoming Bone & Biscuit The Well, and Jas & Sunil, Into The Pack

Jas & Sunil are both so excited to be joining the neighbourhood at The Well, and we hope you are too! With lots planned in-store, there’s plenty to look forward to at the new downtown Toronto pet store. 

Bone & Biscuit The Well will be hosting an array of other pet-friendly events at the pet store throughout the year!

“We will be hosting cat and dog-friendly activities throughout the year, and will be hosting a grand opening party with swag bags and raffles for our furry friends! We can’t wait, we are looking forward to meeting the community and building new relationships with the community both at The Well and outside The Well in downtown Toronto. We are also looking forward to meeting everyone at our grand opening (dates to be determined) and being able to host pet-friendly events at our store,” says Jas & Sunil.

We at The Bone & Biscuit Co. couldn’t be more excited to welcome Jas & Sunil and their new store into the pack. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for everyone, and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

Opening in Spring 2024, you’ll be able to stop by the store for all your favourite pet food and pet supplies in Toronto’s newest complex! And be sure to stop by the store this spring to say hi to Jas & Sunil to give them a warm welcome into the community.

Don’t miss out on future events at the Bone & Biscuit The Well (including their grand opening event)! Follow them on social media to get the latest news about events at the store.

Bone & Biscuit The Well Address (Unit Number & Store Hours Coming Soon)

The Well Toronto Retail Centre

486 Front Street West

Toronto, ON


Bone & Biscuit The Well Instagram: @boneandbiscuitthewell

Bone & Biscuit The Well Facebook: @boneandbiscuitthewell

Dash, a young grey mini schnauzer, wears a gold fancy dog collar and lays down for a pet photo.


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