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Bone And Biscuit X Envirowise: Going Green With Water Soluble Shopping Bags, Biodegradable Poop Bags And More

Ever wonder how long it takes for dog poop bags to decompose? Or if the pet food brands you shop for are doing enough for the environment?

How You Can Make Your Dog’s Pet Waste A Little Greener

We do. As pet owners, and as a business, we think a lot about our impact on the environment, and how we can improve it. That’s why the Bone & Biscuit is taking steps to become as sustainable as possible. And we’re starting with one of our latest brands, Envirowise. 

Envirowise is a sustainably-focused brand offering some excellent, environmentally-friendly pet products. Not only are they branching into pet products, but they’ve also helped us switch to more sustainable bags for our stores.

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Water Soluble, The New And Improved Biodegradable Bag Option

From water-soluble poop bags to reusable, water-soluble shopping bags, we’re excited to be working with Envirowise. Want to learn more about Envirowise? Keep reading as we share more about the brand, and other steps we’re taking as a company to improve our global footprint.

About Envirowise, A Canadian Company All About Sustainability

The Envirowise Canada brand logo in blue and green, a Canadian company focused on making sustainable products, including water soluble shopping bags and biodegradable dog poop bags, now sold at Bone & Biscuit pet stores.

Envirowise is a Canadian company focused on creating earth friendly products. They strive to help businesses cut back on plastics and other waste in their products. Now a Canadian leader in eco-friendly products, they’ve innovated some great sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

Envirowise Now In the Bone & Biscuit Pet Supply Stores To Make Pet Waste Bags More Sustainable

As business owners and a company, the Bone & Biscuit has been making strides to become more sustainable over the years. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Envirowise on offering more sustainable staple pet products. We’ve now been working with Envirowise’s products since 2021, and we love to see where the company has grown in its product offerings. 

One of the most exciting Envirowise products that we carry is their water-soluble shopping bags, which we’ve been using in our stores since 2021. In fact, we were one of the first pet supply stores to offer them in Canada!

Akanksha, the owner of Bone & Biscuit Fraser Heights Surrey pet store, wears a white t-shirt and places a box of Envirowise Solubag biodegradable dog poop bags into their water soluble shopping bags with the Bone & Biscuit logo on the front.

What are water-soluble shopping bags, you ask?

Well, these cloth-like bags are not only similar in design to typical reusable shopping bags, but they can also dissolve in warm water. And, they leave no microplastics in landfills or water sources after dissolving (even better than a compostable bag).

These bags are also completely reusable if you don’t want to dissolve them, and allow us to stop carrying single-use plastic bags in store.*

Don’t believe us? Check out this great TikTok from Bone & Biscuit South Trail demonstrating the bags dissolving in water:

Envirowise Water Soluble Shopping Bags At Bone & Biscuit South Trail, Calgary

Bone & Biscuit South Trail demonstrates how easily Envirowise shopping bags dissolve in hot water! Follow them on TikTok for more great content: @boneanbiscuitsouthtrail

While Canada has made a nationwide shift away from single-use plastic bags more recently (banning them in late 2022), we’ve been working hard to cut back on our plastic use in stores for years. We love that Envirowise could help us do this with their water-soluble bags. 

But, while we started with their shopping bag options, sustainable shopping bags aren’t the only thing we have in stores. Keep reading to learn more about their latest sustainable pet waste product!

*Please note: Due to the price of creating these sustainable shopping bags, some Bone & Biscuit stores may charge a small fee for these bags. This small fee is just to cover the cost of making the bags, and our stores do not make a profit off of this charge.

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The Latest Biodegradable Dog Poop Bag Brand At The Bone & Biscuit

Non-Toxic, Water-Soluble, Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags from Envirowise

One of their newest products is their water-soluble dog poop bags. These are even more sustainable than some biodegradable poop bag alternatives, as they have no microplastics. They also need less work to properly process at waste facilities. According to Envirowise, they’re even safe for your dog if your pet accidentally ingests their bags, and their materials are FDA approved.

Here’s more information from Envirowise about why these water-soluble dog poop bags make a better sustainable alternative for you and your pet: 

“Did you know that Envirowise doggie bags are the ultimate ocean-friendly option on the market? Our pet waste bags are 100% environmentally and ocean-friendly, made from non-toxic and renewable resources…

Envirowise doggie poop bags are specially designed to be hot water soluble…

…meaning they dissolve in water over 85°C. In the oceans and seas, the volume and pressure of water will dissolve in less than hours. No trace left behind!

Unlike other biodegradable and compostable poop bags, Envirowise ensures that there are no lingering microplastics. This is crucial for the well-being of fish and animals living in the ocean and relying on clean water to breathe.

Plastics are visible, but what about the invisible threat of microplastics? That’s why Envirowise poop bags stand out with the remarkable feature: zero microplastics. While some other certified compostable and biodegradable pet waste bags still contain harmful microplastics, we provide an alternative that is completely free of them. 

The amount of single-use plastic produced each year is staggering, but what’s even more alarming is the non-degradable nature of these poop bags. They break down into tiny toxins that contaminate soil, and waterways, and even enter the food chain when animals accidentally consume them. It’s a serious threat we can’t ignore.

Envirowise doggie waste bags are designed for individuals who focus on the well-being of the Earth as much as their beloved furry companions. With Envirowise, you can leave no trace behind and make a positive impact on the environment.” From Envirowise Canada.

How Long Does It Take For Dog Poop Bags To Decompose?

Classic polymer dog poop bags (or better known as plastic ones) can take 1000 years to decompose in a landfill and leaves microplastics behind once it degrades. 

Not only that but there is an estimated 500 million plastic poop bags being used annually around the world. This adds up to a lot of waste in our landfills and environment.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to make the switch to more sustainable, biodegradable options when we can, and why we’re excited to be offering Envirowise products in our Canadian pet stores.

Two people in yellow safety uniforms load garbage bins into a garbage truck on the side of a street, getting garbage and waste like dog poop bags loaded to go to the landfill.
Photo by zibik on Unsplash

Make Pet Waste Processing And Dog Waste Composting Programs More Sustainable

Choosing to use fully water soluble, biodegradable dog poop bags also helps to avoid the extra processing needed to properly dispose of them in landfill and waste facilities. Many dog poop bags still end up in the landfill and cause further greenhouse gas emissions.

And even at the poop processing facilities themselves, dog waste needs to be separated from the dog poop bag first, while a fully water-soluble poop bag can help streamline this process, and make it more sustainable by avoiding microplastics in our environment entirely. 

It may seem like a small switch, but it makes a world of difference to becoming a more responsible dog owner, and we’re proud to be offering these products in our pet stores to help fellow pet owners become more sustainable with us.

Two hands cupped together hold a small pile of dirt with a green plant sprouting from the dirt, demonstrating the importance of sustainable efforts like biodegradable poop bags for the Earth's health.
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Envirowise Sustainable Pet Products In Bone & Biscuit Stores

Envirowise’s water soluble bags are available in all Bone & Biscuit pet stores across Canada, as we want to make the full switch to more sustainable shopping experiences for our customers.

This means that you can use our water-soluble bags to carry your favourite pet products, no matter which Bone & Biscuit store you shop at!

Along with the shopping bags, the new Envirowise water-soluble, fully biodegradable dog poop bags are also available in store for you and your dogs.

As this is a new dog product, it is only available in select Bone & Biscuit stores, but we’re hoping to have it carried in all our pet stores soon. Contact your local Bone & Biscuit directly for the most accurate product availability information.

Want to learn a bit more about these great dog products? Check out this video from Envirowise and Bone & Biscuit Fraser Heights, one of our pet store locations carrying the new biodegradable poop bags.

Envirowise Water Soluble Bags And Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags At Bone & Biscuit Fraser Heights

Bone & Biscuit Fraser Heights introduces the exciting new product from Envirowise Canada. Follow their Instagram account, @boneandbiscuitfraserheights, for more in-store content. Video Content provided by Envirowise Canada.

The Bone & Biscuit Process For A More Sustainable Pet Store Future: Striving for a Paw-sitive Impact, One Biodegradable Dog Poop Bag At A Time

Our Envirowise products aren’t the only thing we’re doing to make Bone & Biscuit more sustainable. 

We also have a thorough brand review process. This ensures that any new brands we have are taking the appropriate steps to reduce plastic waste and improve their carbon footprint.

This means we diligently review brand packaging, brand transparency in their manufacturing processes, their carbon footprint, and what the brand is doing in their community to promote environmental practices and programs in Canada. 

Choosing new brands at the Bone & Biscuit is a long process. It’s important that our brands are not only healthy, high-quality and natural options for dog owners but that they are also taking the necessary steps to be more sustainable. With this, we can offer excellent brands like Envirowise and reduce our plastic waste. 

We’re not stopping there, though. Along with our thorough process and brand reviews, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability efforts. We want to help our stores, and planet, be a little bit greener. We’ll continue to look for ways to improve our sustainability efforts, however we can.

Want to learn more about the Envirowise products we carry, or other sustainable options in our pet supply stores? Visit your local Bone & Biscuit store to learn more about these and other great dog product options.


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