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A german shepherd in a polka dot birthday party hat stands on its hind legs with its legs raised as it celebrates its birthday in a decorated house.

It’s Pawty Time! Bone & Biscuit’s Ultimate Guide To Throwing An Epic Dog Birthday Party

At the Bone & Biscuit pet supplies stores, we love helping you celebrate your dog’s birthday. Dogs bring so much love and companionship to our lives, and we think that any excuse to celebrate and spoil them is an excellent idea. And one of the most fun ways to celebrate the wonderful canines in our lives is to throw an epic dog birthday party!

If your furry family member has a birthday coming up and you’re looking for some ideas to help you plan a dog party, then look no further – we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to throwing the best puppy party. 

Keep reading to hear our tips and suggestions, including fun dog activities for the party, our recommendations for dog treats and dog cakes, and advice on choosing the perfect dog-friendly venue for your event.

A labradoodle mix with curly fur sits in a chair at a blue table with a dog cupcake and a candle in front of it, with a rainbow banner hanging on the wall behind it, to celebrate the dog's birthday party.

Choosing A Venue For A Dog Birthday

The first step in planning a dog birthday is finding the right venue. Depending on where you live or how many you plan to invite for your pup’s special day, this may be an easier task. But finding dog-friendly venues that will let you not only have multiple dogs around but also let them have fun safely can be a tricky task.

A brown and white medium sized dog in a rainbow harness stands looking over to the right while in a park having a picnic with other dogs and pet owners.

Some key points you’ll want to keep in mind for choosing a dog party venue for your dog’s birthday are:

  • How many dogs (and pet parents) will be attending? And, does your pup play well with other dogs, or prefer a more solo event?
  • Is there a safe or fenced area for the pets to play in?
  • Is there an area to set up your dog party supplies, like decorations, food and activities?
  • Are dogs allowed in this area (whether on or off-leash)?
  • What is your dog birthday budget?

With those questions in mind, you can more easily choose a venue that will suit your dog party needs.

For instance, if the party will only be your family, an at-home party is always an easy and stress-free venue! If you’re hoping to invite all of your pup’s dog friends and their pet parents, a backyard party, or a dog party in a nearby dog-friendly park may be a better fit.

And if you’re looking to really go all out, some dog agility course centres can also be rented, and you can invite all your dog’s friends for some more active fun at the course. 

Here’s our puppy party venue list of potential options you can choose for your dog’s birthday:

  • Your home (a super easy venue to choose, of course)
  • Your backyard
  • A dog-friendly public park
  • A dog-friendly beach
  • A dog water park (if you have one near you)
  • An agility course or facility
  • Dog daycare centres (some centres have rental spaces for dog-oriented events!)
  • Other dog-specific event venues (these are more specific to what’s available near you)

These are just a few ideas of where you can throw a dog birthday bash! With any public spaces or rentable spaces, be sure to contact park management or the business directly to book your event and check for any requirements or regulations in place. 

Now all that’s left is to choose your date and time (if celebrating outside during the summer, be sure to book your dog party early in the day or late in the evening to avoid hot temperatures) and send the invites.

Sending Dog Birthday Invites

You’ve got the place and date locked down, and now you just need to send the invites! While not always necessary, this is a fun addition (especially for pet owners) that really makes the event feel special. 

To invite your dog’s friends to the party, make sure to include the location, date and time of the party, and any additional information the owners may need (Such as bring a towel if it’s a beach party, bring food if it’s a potluck, or if you don’t want them to bring gifts etc.). 

Once you have the details locked down, you can decide to send an e-invite, post the party as an event on Facebook and invite your friends that way, or you can send or drop off a physical card to invite them with (our personal favourite just for the cuteness levels!)

If you’re sending a physical invitation, we highly recommend adding a photo of your pup to the invite (because why not?) Or, you could use some pet-safe paint to place your dog’s pawprint on the invites as a cute stamp.

Also, to make sure the dogs know the invite is for them, we highly recommend giving them the invite with a little dog treat or dog cookie attached!

While a small part of the dog birthday party planning process, we think it’s a sweet and fun way to get everyone excited for the celebration.

Planning Dog Activities For The Pet Party

One of the best parts of planning a dog party is picking out the fun dog activities to include in the festivities!

We love seeing our dogs having fun together and choosing the right activities will make sure that everyone has a great time. 

When choosing what activities to do at the puppy party, you’ll want to consider how many dogs will be there, what their behaviours are like with one another, and if you want to include the owners in any of the activities. 

Here are some fun dog activities you can try during the dog birthday party celebrations:

  • Set up an agility course or an obstacle course for all of the dogs (and their owners) to try
  • Try a dog-friendly treasure hunt and hide cookies or new toys in an area for them to search for with the help of the owners
  • Put together a cute dog photo booth with dog accessories and backdrops for some adorable pet photos
  • Play a classic game of frisbee
  • Offer a variety of toys for them to play with
  • Do a dog cake walk where, similar to musical chairs, the pet owners and their pets can walk to try and win their own cake
  • Play a dog-friendly version of soccer or another sport (using a softer ball to avoid hurting their teeth)
  • Set up your own dog waterpark with a kiddie pool and sprinklers
  • Plan out a big dog walk to get their energy out
  • Set up a “dog ball pit” for the dogs to enjoy
  • Play dog musical chairs, where the owners will lead the dogs around the chairs and everyone (including the pups!) needs to sit when the music stops.
  • Set up a dog-friendly arts and crafts table (like dog painting or pottery they can press their paw print into)
  • Have a trick competition where the dogs can show off their best tricks for prizes

These are just some of the ideas for activities you can try at the party!

A grey and white pitbull mix happily plays in a swimming pool with a poodle in the background on a summer day.
Photo by Anthony Duran on Unsplash
A longhaired collie weaves through an obstacle course while outside on a sunny day.
Photo by Murilo Viviani on Unsplash
Two poodle cross dogs, one with a ball in its mouth, run along a bright green lawn.
Photo by Mia Anderson on Unsplash

We also highly recommend having an area for dogs to decompress if they become hyperactive or stressed from activities to avoid anxious or over-reactive dogs.

This can be simply a separate room in the house with some toys, food and water to help them relax, or having a plan to take some dogs on separate walks if needed. Remember, their safety is a top priority, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on all of the dogs’ behaviours to ensure everyone is safe and having fun. 

Dog Party Favours, Dog Birthday Cake & Dog Treats

One of the most important parts of a dog birthday party is the dog party favours, the dog birthday cake and dog treats. 

Having tasty treats will not only make the dogs happy, but will also help to use them as rewards for good behaviour, and can make your party extra festive! Of course, the kind of treats and favours you include will depend on the dog party you’re throwing and your budget. 

If you’re throwing a party with lots of other dogs, we think dog party favours (with some favours thrown in for the owners) are a fun thing to give out, and can also make for great prizes if you’re doing any competitions or door prizes for the party.

Having an actual dog birthday cake (with pet-safe ingredients) is also an adorable way to celebrate, and makes for some cute pictures. And to add to that, we also think having a selection of dog goodies and treats for them to eat throughout the celebration is always a nice, extra touch. P.S. Don’t forget to bring lots of fresh, clean water for the dogs to drink, and multiple bowls to drink from to keep them hydrated! Is the dog party happening in the summer? Here are some tips to make sure the dogs stay hydrated and cool in the heat.

Dog Party Favours & Dog Prizes

If you’re doing any dog competitions, like dog trick competitions or a timed agility course, having prizes to give out is always a great way to get everyone involved and have fun.

Plus, having dedicated door prizes (like a new dog toy or raw bone) to give out to the dogs and their owners (like “Dog With The Cutest Outfit” or “Biggest Dog”) is also an excellent way to throw an epic dog party.

Dog party favours are a nice addition to give out when it’s time to go home to make sure all the dogs and their owners have something to remember the party by.

Here are some suggestions for items to include as dog prizes or in your dog party favours*:

  • Dog treats (dehydrated treats like beef or chicken are always great crowd-pleasers!)
  • Dog poop bag rolls
  • Dog cookies
  • Dog bones
  • New dog toys 
  • A printout of their photos (if you had a dog photo booth)
  • A cute dog party hat or bandana
  • The paintings or pottery owners made with their dogs (if you had a dog-friendly arts and crafts table)
  • Gift certificates to a Bone & Biscuit pet store (available in-store at participating locations only. Check with your local Bone & Biscuit for gift card information)
  • Party favours for the owners, like candy, treats, bath bombs, beer or wine

*Product availability and gift certificates vary by location. Please contact your local Bone & Biscuit store directly for more information on what’s available near you.

Let Them Eat Cake! Dog Birthday Cake & Dog Treats

A dog birthday cake is one of the best ways to top off your dog’s birthday celebration!

Many of our Bone & Biscuit pet bakeries offer a variety of dog cakes, including customization with decorations (Our dog cake recipe includes safe ingredients like peanut butter for them to enjoy). They make for a festive treat and look just like a real cake, but are safe and absolutely delicious for your pooch!

We also recommend having an array of dog treats and healthy, dog-friendly snacks for the dogs to snack on throughout the party. We love the idea of a “barkuterie” (a dog charcuterie board) that’s equipped with dog treats, dog cookies, dog-safe veggies and fruits, tasty “dips” (ex. peanut butter) and dehydrated treats to feed your dog guests.

Our pet bakeries also offer adorably decorated dog cookies and treats (including pupcakes) that look festive on a board, and that the dogs will love. Having some snacks for the owners at the party is also a great idea, too. 

If you’re looking for some help choosing the right treats, or curious about ordering a dog birthday cake from one of our stores, we recommend reaching out to your local Bone & Biscuit directly for more information on pet bakery and dog treat products available near you.

*Product availability and dog bakery items vary by location. Please contact your local Bone & Biscuit store directly for more information on what’s available near you.

Celebrating Dog Birthdays With Bone & Biscuit Pet Stores

A white french bulldog smiles with its tongue out while wearing a pink party hat outside.

We love helping you throw a fun dog birthday event and celebrating your beloved pet’s special day!

Whether that’s recommending some great party dog treats and party favours or providing you with a scrumptious dog birthday cake, our pet bakery and pet supply stores offer a variety of dog products to help you make your event a “boneified” party for your birthday boy or birthday girl.

Even if you’re looking to do something more simple for your pet’s birthday, a cute dog cookie from our dog bakery or a new toy from our pet store is still an excellent choice for celebrating your pooch. 

If your dog has a birthday coming up, we highly recommend coming in-store! Many of our locations have a birthday dog photo booth set up to take cute pictures of your dog, and we love any excuse to meet your pets and help you spoil them. 

Stop by your local Bone & Biscuit pet store today to start your dog birthday party planning, or to re-up on your dog food or other pet supply needs. 


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