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Holiday Dangers For Pets

The holidays are a festive time and filled with beautiful decorations, great food and holiday plants. Being aware of the top 3 dangers will help keep your pets safe this holiday season.

1. Decorations
Tinsel and glass ornaments can attract our cat and dog’s attention. Both can be choking hazards and cause internal organ distress. Remember to keep all decorations safely out of reach and promptly clean up anything that hits the floor.

2. Foods
Chocolate and nuts are a staple in many holiday treats. Remember to keep out of reach of your cats and dogs as both are highly toxic to our furry friends.

3. Plants
While beautiful as decorations the following holiday plants are toxic to cats and dogs

  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Poinsettias

Remembering these hazards and taking action to keep your pets safe will help ensure you,your family and your pets have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season


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