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Heatstroke: Signs and Treatment

During the hot summer months heatstroke is a very real possibility in your pets. Watch for the following signs of heatstroke:

  • exaggerated panting
  • sudden stopping of panting
  • rapid or erratic pulse
  • excessive salivation
  • weakness
  • muscle tremors
  • lack of coordination
  • convulsions
  • vomiting

Steps to take if you see signs of heatstroke

  • Immediately and carefully move them to a cool place.
  • Wet the dog with cool (not cold) water including the head and feet
  • Fan vigorously to promote evaporation of the water and speed the cool down process
  • Do not apply ice, as this constricts blood flow which will inhibit cooling and the extreme cold could cause shock
  • Allow the dog to drink a small amount cool water, but prevent gulping as this can cause vomiting
  • Finally, and most importantly get him to the vet immediately


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