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Summer Safety Tips For Pets

Here are some age old and still true tips for keeping your pets safe in the summer heat.

  • Don’t ever leave your pet in the car. Even on cooler days, cars can heat up to dangerous temperatures. Parking in the shade or cracking a window on a warm day is just not good enough to prevent heatstroke.
  • Use caution when exercising with your pets outside. Intense activities like running, cycling or rollerblading with your pet, can pose risks of heatstroke on hot days. Choose cooler times of the day, like the early morning or late evening and take lots of water breaks. If you will be out on hot pavement, invest in some booties to protect the pads of your pets feet.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. When on the move, always take water and a good drinking container from which your pet can drink. When at home, make sure your pets have access to a clean, cool water source at all times.
  • Emergency contacts. Have the number of a veterinarian on hand so that you are prepared in case of an emergency. Or if you see an animal in a hot car or one that appears to be in distress contact your local SPCA or police right away.


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