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5 Essential Winter Safety Tips For Your Cats and Dogs

Tip # 1 Cold and Windy

If your dogs and cats prefer the great outdoors and convincing them to come inside even in the winter is out of character, then ensuring they have a way to get out of the elements is crucial. A dry and draft free shelter that is not too big can be used to protect your pets. Also, spreading some hay or straw on the floor can be a good insulator. Avoid using blankets and beds outside in the winter, as they can freeze.

Tip # 2  Frozen Water

Having fresh, unfrozen water available for your cats and dogs is very important. When the temperature drops, water can freeze very quickly, sometimes within minutes. Water in deep plastic bowls usually freezes much slower. Or even better, you could pick up a heated bowl.

Tip # 3  Snow and Salt

Keeping your dogs and cats nails short and hair in between their toes trimmed in the winter can prevent ice and snow from building up and causing pain. Salt can also cause drying and cracking of paws. There are many different styles and sizes of boots that protect cats and dogs paws.

Tip # 4  Unusual Sleeping Places

Many cats will select unusual sleeping places that are warm, like in wheel-wells, under vehicles and sometime even in vehicle engines. Do a walk around and make some noise to rouse any sleeping felines before starting your car.

Tip # 5  Canine and Feline Fashion

There are many options coats and sweaters for dogs and cats that can keep them toasty warm during the cold days of winter. Remember to remove the animal fashions when they come indoors or they could overheat very quickly.


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