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Ian Billinghurst

The BARF Diet – A Healthy, Natural, Nutritional and Complete Raw Diet for your Pet!

Your pet deserves only the most nutritious, safe, healthy and natural raw pet food on the planet. BARF World’s philosophy is that in order to achieve optimum health for your pet from puppy to senior you should feed a “biologically appropriate raw food” or “BARF” diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, natural protein sources and premium quality fruits and vegetables.

Kymythy Schultz

Holistic care and natural nutrition for dogs, cats and their humans. Kymythy is the author of the internationally best-selling books Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet, The Natural Nutrition No-Cook Book: Delicious Food for You and Your Pets! and her new book, Natural Nutrition for Cats: The Path to Purr-fect Health.  She teaches classes in nutrition for humans, dogs and cats, and has helped thousands of people and their animal friends live healthier, happier lives.

Dr. Marty

Dr. Martin Goldstein (Dr. Marty) is considered by many experts – and thousands of satisfied clients – to be America’s foremost holistic veterinarian. The results he has achieved have been so astounding that today critically ill dogs and cats from all over the world are brought to Smith Ridge Veterinary Center where doctors trained by Dr. Marty give these animals a new chance at life and health.

Natura Pet Products

Quality Ingredients. Quality Manufacturing. Trusted Quality Nutrition – Natura Pet Products

Natura is a family-owned pet food company dedicated to making the healthiest pet food in the world. We manufacture our dog, cat and ferret foods under the strictest of standards for safety, reliability and consistency. It’s this dedication to pet food safety and quality control that sets us apart from other pet food brands.

Urban Carnivore

For over half a century, pet food manufacturers have claimed that because grain-based, heat processed pet foods are “nutritionally complete and balanced”, they are superior to anything companion pets might otherwise consume. People have become so familiar with this statement that they seldom question it. But today, savvy pet owners are choosing a different approach, successfully feeding their dogs and cats what Mother Nature has been serving up for eons. We can trust Mother Nature. After all, she wouldn’t provide a diet that wasn’t healthy for animals!


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