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A long stretch of shelving at the Bone & Biscuit Franklin location, with three small photos of cats and dogs in the corner.

The Bone & Biscuit Fort McMurray Store Spotlight: Franklin *Now Reopened!*

Connecting with the local community has always been an important part of operating a Bone & Biscuit store. And with the manager at the Franklin Bone & Biscuit location in Fort McMurray, that’s no exception.

Laura Perry, who’s been the manager at the Franklin location for seven years, has always loved connecting with the community. Her favourite part about working at Bone & Biscuit is meeting everybody (and their adorable pets) in the community.

“It was really that element of getting to know people that I think is the most rewarding, and the most fun because then we help them with what they need.”

Since the Franklin location reopened on April 27th, 2021, Laura and her team strive to provide the best experience possible.

New Renovations to Revitalize the Franklin Bone & Biscuit Location

Even though this Fort McMurray location was closed for a year to renovate after it flooded, customers were more than thrilled to welcome the store back into the community.

“Even though we were closed for a year, we still have this really loyal customer base. So as soon as we opened our doors, you know, everybody was just so excited to be like, ‘Oh my goodness, you’re back!’”

And Laura was just as eager to welcome customers, new and old, back into the store again, especially to show off the new renovations.

“It’s just so beautiful and bright in there. So, before the decor was a dark brown. Basically, everything was brown actually, and it just didn’t allow for the same amount of natural light that we have now. So the windows are more open, even the shelves are open to the windows and then the sunlight just pours in and it’s all white in there. It’s just bright and beautiful. Definitely more inviting, more welcoming.”

These new renovations aren’t the only changes that the Franklin location went through, though. The Fort McMurray location has also welcomed a new pet groomer to their team.

‘The Spaw’: Franklin’s Full-Service Pet Grooming Station

The Bone & Biscuit Franklin location has had a groomer on staff since 2015. But because they were closed for a year, they needed to find a new groomer to get their grooming station running again.

While the Franklin location reopened in April of last year, they didn’t find a new groomer to add to their team until October. Still striving to provide the best services possible at their location, they wanted to find the right person for the job. After a few months of searching, they found Heather Theriault. When they hired her as their new groomer, they knew they’d found the right person. After adding her to the team, they’ve been grooming every day since.

“We’re really excited to have her […] She has the patience of a saint, so she really takes her time. Makes sure the pet is really comfortable.”

Heather is a fully licensed and certified pet groomer, which means she can provide full-service grooming for dogs and even grooming services for cats. Heather is also especially skilled with nervous or fearful dogs who need a little extra patience and care when grooming. And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill grooming, either. 

Nicknamed ‘The Spaw’ by the staff at the Franklin Bone & Biscuit, they truly pamper your pet, like a real spa would, while in their care.

“We do like to call it ‘The Spaw’ because we do tailor to one-on-one grooming. Instead of dropping off the dog to a room that has nine other animals in it, we really cater to those who have had maybe negative experiences or [who are] a little bit more nervous about grooming, because it’s just that dog and the groomer in the room together […] There’s no rushing or, trying to balance a whole bunch of dogs at once.”

Some of their pet grooming services at ‘The Spaw’ include:

  • Baths
  • Brushing
  • Blowouts
  • Trimming
  • Shaving
  • Teeth & ear cleaning
  • De-shedding
  • Nails

While most of their services are for dogs, the Franklin location also offers services for cats, including nail trimming. Plus, their team will even sneak in some treats and extra affection for your pet while they’re here. It’s the pet spa experience they’ve been dreaming of.

“We truly pamper your pet the whole time they’re here.”

As one of their specialty offerings, ‘The Spaw’ is a truly unique service that the Franklin Bone & Biscuit and its team are proud to offer.

A True Love for Animals And Their Needs

Laura’s appreciation for connecting with the community didn’t come from just anywhere. It came from a love of animals.

Laura has three dogs and a cat, all in a variety of shapes, sizes, and breeds. Among her three dogs, she has a three-year-old Pomeranian named George, a nine-year-old Mastiff named Jax and a four-year-old Labrador-Husky mix named Ares. Her cat, Finnegan, is a sweet ginger cat. You can even find them coming to visit the store while Laura is in, especially Jax.

“Jax is just very laid back. He basically just wants to hang out wherever you are. Lay down, maybe share your lunch with you. He’s usually in the back room, having lunch breaks with someone, scamming some chicken and whatever’s going on […] He’s such a chilled-out old man. He just wants to hang out and have everybody pet his little ears.”

George in contrast is her little troublemaker and is often found sassing up the place. 

“He’s an all-around ‘bad boy’, but he’s very outspoken and he has basically every stereotype about Pomeranians.”

Laura adores her pets and all their quirks, and couldn’t imagine not having them in her life, wagging their tails or purring to welcome her home at the end of the day. And she recognizes just how invaluable they’ve been in her life, especially over the last two years with the pandemic.

“My pets are basically my life. They are definitely my kids […] I don’t think I could ever give that up. Plus they get you moving. And, you know, over these last two years, especially where everything has gone haywire, it’s nice to just walk your dog on the trail and enjoy time away from everything else.”

Laura’s love for animals and how she values giving them the best care possible has truly influenced her work at the Franklin Bone & Biscuit. She and her team continue to offer the best care, services and products for pets and their needs. Along with finding the right nutritional solutions that work for every budget or lifestyle, she also values taking the time to get to know her customers, their pets, and what best fits their needs.

“I think the customer experience at the Bone & Biscuit is going to be a little bit different than what you might find elsewhere, just because we are so friendly. I think I have the most customer service-based staff of anyone in the whole city […] They’re just so eager to help. And when they get to know you and your pet, obviously they want to only present you with options that fit you and your needs. So it’s a little bit different. It’s more tailored. We do take more time one-on-one with our customers. It’s not simply like ‘pick up your stuff and leave’. We’re having these real conversations. We’re really getting to know people we’re connecting with.”

Advice For New & Experienced Pet Owners Alike

As an experienced pet owner, and the manager of the Franklin Bone & Biscuit location in Fort McMurray for seven years, Laura had some sound advice to share with new or experienced pet owners.

“Always, always do your research […] When you’re not sure, you know, ask great questions, come into a store like ours where people are eager to help you […] For new pet parents, I definitely suggest doing your research, especially on the breed that you’re going to be getting, what their exercise requirements may be, what grooming might be involved. These are all factors that over the years are going to certainly add up […] And then just research the brands of food that you’re looking into to make sure that you’re feeding the highest quality available to you. You are your pet’s advocate in this world.”

Ensuring that you are providing the best care for your pets is incredibly important for their well-being, and Laura and her team are always looking for ways to help you find what’s right for you and your pet.

Exciting New Offerings, Classic Staples, Grooming & More At The Re-Opened Bone & Biscuit Franklin Location

Laura is excited to be offering new brands and products, as well as continuing to offer the classic staples that her customers know and love. With the highly skilled Heather now on their team, Laura and the Franklin team are looking forward to the 2022 year and what they can bring to their customers. 

“Always striving to offer the best of the best” Laura is looking forward to connecting with her community, providing great products and services and seeing what 2022 might hold for the Bone & Biscuit Franklin location.

Stop by the store with your pets to say ‘Hi’ to Laura & her team. Whether you’re coming for a new bag of cat food, giving your pet a pampering session at ‘The Spaw’ or simply bringing in your dog for some extra pets & affection, Laura and the Franklin team are looking forward to welcoming you into the store.

Want to book a session with Heather? Contact the store to book your appointment. You can also keep up to date on the Franklin location by visiting their Facebook or Instagram page. Need pet supplies in Fort McMurray? You can visit them at the address below for all your pet supply needs:

Bone & Biscuit Franklin Address:

8412 Franklin Ave #110, Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 2J3


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