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Million Acts of Kindness – SPCA

As 2015 is quickly wrapping up, remembering our four legged friends at this time of year is as important as ever. The SPCA has been featuring their Million Acts of Kindness this year with a new Act of Kindness ever week featured on their website –

With such easy to fulfill acts as Pledge to never use poison or glue traps, Learn more about the problem of exotic pets, and Check your local SPCA’s wish list everyone can join in the campaign to achieve a Million Acts of Kindness.

10-07-15-medicalWeek 36

You don’t have to be a veterinarian to help them!
Many animals come to us in the worst possible shape. The cause of their suffering can range from broken bones to gunshot wounds to tumours and everything in between. The only way we can get them the surgery and rehabilitation they need, without compromising basic medical care for all of the other animals we care for, is with your support.


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