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It’s Heating UP – Summer tips for you and your pet

medium_dog_2Pets in a hot car?
If it’s hot, your pet may be in trouble! During warm weather pet guardians must take precautions against the danger of heat exhaustion and heatstroke for their pets. The temperature in a parked car, even in the shade with the windows partly open, can rapidly reach a level that will seriously harm or even kill your pet. Leaving your pet in a car with the air conditioning on is also taking a risk as many pets have died as the result of a faulty air-conditioning system.

Sun Burns?
White animals and those that have a short hair cut or naturally thin (or nonexistent) hair coats are particularly sensitive to the sun, and may suffer the same ills as humans: sunburn and skin cancers. This Quick Tip offers ideas and cautions for protecting your pet on those sunny days. The two most important tips to prevent sunburn: provide shade and sunblock.

The most common places for pets to become sunburned are on the bridge of the noise, the abdomen, groin and insides of their legs. You might think that the belly is protected but it is also prone to sunburn because of sunlight that reflects up from the sidewalk or hot sand.


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