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5 Unique Female Dog Names for 2021

Are you welcoming a female dog into your home this year? 

If so, you’re far from alone. Dogs are the most in-demand companion for COVID-19, so you are sure to know others who are starting down the same path as you: choosing the right dog food, picking out toys. Thinking about names. 

Choosing unique female dog names could be challenging this year, so we got creative and came up with five names you might not have thought of. 

These names are all two syllables or less each (which helps catch a puppy’s attention) and are connected to themes that are important or relevant to the year ahead. 

Read on for our 5 unique female dog names for 2021!


The pandemic showed many people who the real heroes are: frontline workers. Florence Nightingale is arguably the most well-known frontline healthcare worker, a nurse who treated soldiers at the British camp during the Crimean War. She later went on to advocate for the improvement of hospitals, writing books and pamphlets on patient care and hospital environments, as well as teaching nursing, including within a program developed in her name. 

Derived from Latin, the name Florence means “prosperous, flourishing”. It reminds us of the fiery, enigmatic actress Florence Pugh, and British indie rocker Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. Powerful and positive associations all-around! 

Fun nicknames: Flo, Lolly, Flossy


On October 1st this year, Disneyland will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and while it’s hard to say whether it will be possible to visit the emblematic theme park to celebrate, there are lots of other ways to share your fandom for all things Disney. There are plenty of sweet princess names to choose from in the Disney catalogue, but we are particularly drawn to the original lady mouse: Minnie. 

According to NameBerry.com, the name Minnie means ‘of the mind, intellect’. It shares qualities with other unique female dog names like Millie and Maisie, but we don’t see Minnie positioned quite as well-known as those (yet!). It’s the perfect name if you want to go old-fashioned, but not too trendy. 

Fun nicknames: Mins, Minnie-Winnie, Minnie Mouser


How many times have you started a sentence with “I hope…” over the past year? It is, for many people, what has kept them going through some of the most unprecedented challenges  of their lives. Hope is a positive word with poignant associations, and depending on your reasons for bringing a dog into your family, it may have great symbolic meaning for you.

The name is thoroughly English and Scottish and refers to the desire of fulfillment, or the anticipation of good things to come. 

Fun nicknames: Hopey, Hoper 


If you haven’t seen Bridgerton on Netflix yet, clear your schedule, because you may feel compelled to consume the entire first season in one sitting. It’s a period drama full of vibrant costuming, flushed love stories, and orchestral renditions of your favourite pop songs. Everyone is obsessed with it. 

Daphne Bridgerton is the protagonist of the show’s first season, plucky and determined to match with a dashing suitor (keep in mind that this is set in England in 1813). The character has an Audrey Hepburn look and feel to her – elegant, and someone you want to cheer on. 

The name Daphne has its origins in Greek mythology; it means “laurel tree, bay tree,”. The laurel tree association is related to the story of Daphne, the nymph daughter of the river god Peneus. She was saved from Apollo’s overzealous romantic attention by her father, who turned her into a laurel tree. 

As far as unique female dog names go, Daphne is the trifecta: pop culture reference, nature reference, and Greek myth reference all in one!

Fun nicknames: Daph, Daphers, Ne Ne. 


Feelings of happiness are in high demand this year, so why not call your female dog something that reminds you of the good times? Jovie is a sweet two-syllable name that is as joyful as it sounds. 

The ‘v’ in the name gives it a sense of warmth with the ‘ee’ sound at the end. It is certainly unique – the only association we can make with the name is the character Zooey Deschanel played in the sweet and funny holiday movie Elf. She was wonderful, right? 

Fun nicknames: Jov, Jovies, Jo Jo.

Got any unique female dog names for us?

Tag @boneandbiscuit in your Instagram post to show us your unique female dog name, and check out our new shop online for all the treats, food, and supplies you need for your best friend.

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  • How about Lady Whistledown for a French Poodle? 🙂

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