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A line up of all sorts of different breeds of dogs against a bright pink wall used for the Bone & Biscuit blog store.

The Bone & Biscuit Langley Store Spotlight: Willoughby *NEW OWNER!*

For Tammy Graham, owning a Bone & Biscuit store is a dream come true. Literally. Three years ago Tammy had a vivid dream that she owned the Bone & Biscuit location next door to her decor store, DLux Treasures for the Home. Most of us forget the dreams we have at night, but this one stuck with Tammy. She couldn’t stop thinking about one day owning the Bone & Biscuit shop next door.

So, when the previous store owner asked Tammy if she was interested in buying the prime location, Tammy immediately seized the opportunity. And as of July 17th of this year, Tammy now owns both her decor store and that very Bone & Biscuit shop she dreamed about three years ago.

Two women playing with a group of four dogs in a fenced in yard, with bright green grass and a white fence, and the dogs are chasing after an orange bone they got from Bone & Biscuit.

Hanging Out With “The Zoo”

Tammy has always had a connection with animals: “I was [a] vet assistant and I also worked with racehorses all through my twenties and into my thirties. So I’ve always really been involved with animals.”

Tammy is also passionate about her own pets. Affectionately nicknamed “The Zoo”, Tammy has two dogs, an Australian shepherd named Daisy and a small rescue dog named Harley, and three Siamese cats named Tao, Neko and Zola. Daisy boasts the nickname “Crazy Daisy”, while her rescue Harley is a little ball of love. As for the three Siamese (Tammy’s favourite cat breed), they’re all full of personality and Siamese affection and spunk.

When 10-year-old Daisy was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, Tammy knew they needed to make a change in her pet’s diet to help improve her quality of life.

“I just turned to raw [food] and started learning more about it.” And with this switch, Tammy saw an improvement in Daisy’s condition: “She’s doing very well. So I believe with all the raw and the holistic approach that I’m taking with her, that it’s really making her life better.”

And now, Tammy is passionate about raw food and its benefits for both her dogs. For Tammy, it comes down to what’s best for the animals, and that’s also what is at the heart of how she runs her Bone & Biscuit boutique.

A close up of a beautiful siamese cat with bright blue eyes, dark brown face, ears, tail and paws, and a beige coloured body, laying on top of a white picnic table, used for a Bone & Biscuit post


Every day at the Bone & Biscuit gives Tammy the opportunity to connect with customers who share her passion for exceptional animal care. It’s the energy and love that they have for their pets that makes her love owning a Bone & Biscuit store.

“Everybody comes in and they’re looking for information [because] they love their animal. It’s all a positive energy in the store… That’s what we’re really big on, is customer service and really working with the community.”

Maintaining that trust and energy with her customers is very important to Tammy. She hopes to continue to build a friendly and supportive environment and to provide the best products for all her customers and their pets. 


If you’re hoping to open your own Bone & Biscuit store, Tammy had some sage advice to share:

“Just be passionate about what you’re selling, what you’re offering to the customers and learn as much as you can possibly learn and take help from people that offer it. Like if you have a nutritionist in your circle, use that person.”

Throughout the process of taking over the Willoughby location, Tammy has felt welcomed by the Bone & Biscuit family and well-supported in the transition. “They make you feel a part of the pack,” she says. 

On July 17th 2021, Tammy celebrated her opening day as the owner at Willoughby Bone & Biscuit in Langley, BC. Stop by the store with your best buddy and say hi to Tammy, or follow their Facebook or Instagram page for updates on the location. 

Willoughby Bone & Biscuit Store Address:
20689 Willoughby Town Center Drive, B125
Langley, British Columbia.


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