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Store Spotlight: Bone & Biscuit Gateway Boulevard

Bone & Biscuit is excited to announce the opening of our new store location in South Trail Plaza, Edmonton! Read on to learn about the new store owner as they share their story.

1. When do you open?

Bone & Biscuit Gateway Boulevard will open on Friday, June 26th!

2. Where are you located?

Our location is 3354 Gateway Boulevard NW., in a bustling square called South Trail Plaza. Our Bone & Biscuit is steps from Save On Foods and Winners, and shares the plaza with several restaurants and businesses such as Chopped Leaf, Mucho Burrito, and Total Focus.

3. What are the best ways for customers to contact the store for questions and stay up to date?

Follow us on Instagram: @boneandbiscuitgatewayblvd

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boneandbiscuitgatewayblvd/

Or give us a call at: 587-458-0553

4. What’s your name?

My name is Joanne Campbell. My family includes my husband Chris, our four-year old son, George Jr., and our three-year old daughter, Frances.

Joanne with her husband Chris, children George Jr. and Frances, and mother-in-law Esther.
Joanne with her husband Chris, children George Jr. and Frances, and mother-in-law Esther.

5. What was your career before becoming a Bone & Biscuit owner?

For the past 15 years, Chris and I have been first responders, working as Correctional Officers here in Edmonton.

6. What is it like to be an essential worker? How do you think it’s changed since COVID-19?

Our work as first responders has been a rewarding and challenging experience. Our days have a lot of difficult scenarios, but we are also fortunate to have the peers that we do, working towards a common goal.

These challenges have only been made more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Special protocols and health safety measures on top of the existing issues makes for long, stressful hours.

It’s during these times that we are proud, not only of the correctional officers we work with, but of all the essential services from nurses and military to police and firefighters, who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. And let’s not forget the store clerks, small business owners, truck drivers, delivery services, and farmers who are all keeping us fed and our communities running during this unprecedented time.

7. How do you plan to honour essential workers?

We are both very proud to be first responders, and we also feel very lucky to have met such fantastic people throughout our careers.

In honour of first responders, and what they do for our communities, we will be offering a discount to any first responder or military personnel who shops at our Bone & Biscuit. And we thank all of them, for their work, during this difficult time and always.

8. What inspired you to own a Bone & Biscuit location?

We found that Bone & Biscuit had similar philosophies to our own. In that our pets are fundamental members of the family, and what they eat can directly affect their health overall. We also had such wonderful help from Wendy and Karen at the Summerside store we have always shopped at, and it is an inviting, warm environment that we’ve always felt comfortable in.

I was born and raised on a farm, along with my sister, and we were fortunate to have many pets and ponies along the way. Our devotion to animals was definitely handed down to us from our mom, who always had a fluffy chick, or a new puppy, or a barn full of kittens to share with us.

Chris grew up in Edmonton, and although he wasn’t surrounded by farm animals, there has been no closer friendship than the one between Chris and his beloved chihuahua-pug, Marcel.

We love our pets, and we love all animals. Getting involved in a business that helps people and their pets was a dream for us, and something we’re very excited about.

9. Who else has been integral to the opening of the new store?

Our Bone & Biscuit is a completely family-owned and operated endeavour.

My dad, George Boyack, has been a farmer his entire life. We come from generations of farming and George worked alongside his grandfather and father for many years. As a successful sole-proprietor focusing on a more retired lifestyle, he thought the best way to “relax” was to start a new business adventure.

George, along with my mom Shirley, are the owners of Bone and Biscuit. Chris and I have been fortunate to become co-owners and managers of the store. My sister, Jamie, is our accountant, and with vast virtual CFO experience and online presence, she has been an amazing asset for us all.

Chris’ parents Esther, and the late Tom Campbell, have also been an amazing support for us during these exciting times. From their help with George and Frances, to assisting us in store, our business initiative is based purely on the community we are a part of, the city where Chris was born and raised, as well as strong family ties. We are very proud of that.

Bone and Biscuit owners George and Shirley Boyack

George and Shirley with their dogs, Angus and Pearl.

10. Do you own any cats or dogs?

We are surrounded by pets!

Mom has two Boston Terriers, Angus and Pearl. My mom also religiously feeds and cares for a cozy horse barn full of cats.

My sister Jamie has an adorable French Bulldog named Nalu. He is the newest member of our family and quite the sweetheart.

Jamie with her French Bulldog, Nalu

 Jamie with her French Bulldog, Nalu

Chris and I have been fortunate to have the sweetest dogs. Marcel, Chris’ Chihuahua-pug and Ruger, my Bullmastiff, made a very unlikely and lovable pair when they first met. They were wonderful members of our little family, and we loved them dearly. We lost Ruger first, to cancer, and Marcel, to old age about two years later.

Currently, we have an adorable Chiweenie named Cecil, who was a gift to our children from their grandparents. We also have a sweet little black cat named Beefy. We rescued Beefy off the side of Highway 2 in the middle of February, with a Beefaroni can stuck on his head! They are best buds and love to race around the house together while always managing to be right underfoot (that includes the kids too!)

Just when you think the house can’t get any more rowdy, we often babysit two of our favourite girls Toro and Babe, a Cane Corso and French Bulldog.

Toro and Babe
Toro & Babe

11. Your pets hit the jackpot now that you run a specialty pet supply store! What’s their favourite treat or toy from Bone & Biscuit?

My mom’s two Bostons love Mother Hubbard’s peanut butter snacks, and bacon and cheese. Angus is a big bacon and egg guy as well, and Pearl loves bacon anything (don’t we all!)

Cecil is a big fan of Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw snacks. We tend to mix them up, but he loves them all. He’s also become a big fan of Nature’s Premium bison bones. He’s the tiniest dog but he really struts around when he’s snacking on one of those treats.

Beefy is not picky and loves to test out any raw treats we offer him. He too has a healthy appetite for Stella & Chewy’s snacks and has also tried Smack super foods. The odd time we give Cecil a herring treat from Red Dog Blue Kat we have to watch because Beefy will steal it when we’re not looking.

Last but not least, little Nalu. His one true love is the Churpi Durka Yak Milk Chews. He LOVES them! I have always found these treats so interesting in how they are made, so I love that Nalu enjoys them so much.

Beeky the black cat
Beefy, who likes to steal Cecil’s treats

12. How do you stay involved in the local pet community?

We are really excited to open and get working with some local rescue organizations. We have reached out to a few in the area, hoping to donate when needed, and feature fundraiser/rescue events. We are always hoping to help in some way, and were inspired by my sister and her best friend Chelsea, who have both adopted senior dogs in the past. We would love to give an old guy or girl the opportunity to be loved beyond, and live out their days in a happy and loving home.

13. What’s your favourite product from Bone & Biscuit and why?

This is a tough question! We have been Bone and Biscuit customers for many years, and we have gone from finding appropriate food for our aging Bullmastiff, to tracking down Marcel’s favourite Benny Bully treats. We have purchased our puppy’s first collar at Bone and Biscuit, and Beefy’s first toys. We have always loved the natural selection provided, and especially the large Canadian product presence.

As we became parents, our focus on our children’s health and wellness became our priority, shifting our mindset for our pets as well, which has led us to a more raw-diet approach. All of these chapters were achieved at Bone and Biscuit, and so we have an overall love and respect for the diversity of products that are offered, as well as the natural and healthy approach to them.

Cecil the dog being held by George Jr. and Frances
Cecil with George Jr. and Frances

14. Where is the nearest dog park?

We are surrounded by beautiful parks in all directions. For off-leash dog parks, our closest would be Ermineskin Park, Blue Quill Park, and the 91 St. Berm. All these parks are approximately five minutes from our location. We are fortunate, however, to also be about ten minutes from Terwillegar Park, a sprawling off-leash area that we frequent throughout the summer.

15. What is the best advice you could give to new pet owners?

I think the best advice for anyone is to research your breed choice and research your food options. There are many breeds that have specific temperaments and specific health conditions that may pose a threat later on. Not only is it important to make sure you’re compatible with the breed, but it’s vital to know what your pet ownership could look like down the road in terms of medical care or challenges.

Further, finding quality pet food is integral to the life and overall health of your pet. If your pet is prone to hip dysplasia or other medical issues, there may be diet options and supplements that would assist or prevent that. Reading and understanding the ingredients in your pet’s food can completely change their lives, so it’s really important to do your homework and find something natural and healthy.

Thanks for the spotlight, Joanne!

Are you interested in opening your own Bone & Biscuit pet store? See our franchise information page and inquire about opportunities in your area!


  • Congrats to all of you!! What an exciting time – not even the covid pandemic can keep you down. We wish you all the best in your new venture, and are sure that it will be a roaring success. Great website too!

    • Thanks so much! We really appreciate it!

  • Congratulation to you, Chris and Joanne, on your 1st Anniversary!!
    Tyson (our Berner pup) and I enjoyed all of it – especially Tyson who was getting adored by soooo many people.

    We look forward to Bone and Biscuit continuing to be a supplier of great nutrition for Tyson and, our fabulous felines, Fiona and Myssti.

    Jac & Janita

  • Jac and Janita, you guys are so fantastic and we are so lucky to have gotten to know you and your fur babies! Thank you for your support!

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