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Store Spotlight: Bone & Biscuit Burlington North

Bone & Biscuit is excited to announce the opening of our new store location in Burlington North! Read on to learn about the new store owner as they share their story.

1. When do you open?

As of May 19th, Bone & Biscuit Burlington North is now open for in-store shopping!

2. Where are you located?

We are located at 3061 Walkers Line (at Dundas Street) in Burlington in the LCBO/Shoppers Drug Mart plaza. We are happy and excited to be next to the new Farm Boy Grocery Store which opened December 5, 2019.

3. What are the best ways for customers to contact the store for questions and stay up to date?

Follow us on Instagram: @boneandbiscuitburlingtonnorth
Like us on Facebook:
Or give us a call at: (905) 331-1222

4. What’s your name?

My name is Kris Walsh.

5. What inspired you to own a Bone & Biscuit location?

I have been a retail owner/operator in the past but have always wanted to have a pet store. I have spent so many years spoiling my dogs with Bowsers beds and “Muttskoka” chairs, and fencing my front yard as well as the back so we can all enjoy the front porch together. I have been laughed at for the dog steps leading up to the bed and the custom made sofa table that fits perfectly over the two dog crates. When people ask, “are the dogs allowed on the furniture?” my response is always that they should be asking the dogs if I’m allowed on the furniture.

It wasn’t until later in my dogs’ lives that I started to learn more about the ingredients in many of the popular pet foods. I started to realize that even though my dogs have been generally healthy and definitely happy, their issues with liver disease, pancreatitis, oil cysts, and most recently lymphoma necessitating a splenectomy, might have been preventable or at least eased with better nutrition.

I looked into several different pet retail franchises over the years, but none of them seemed to feel quite right until I stumbled across the Bone & Biscuit just after they began to expand into Ontario. I was so impressed with their philosophy on pet nutrition, with the clean, fresh look of the stores, and with their desire to maintain friendly neighbourhood locations run by owners who are passionate about pets, that I knew I had finally found the right place.

6. Do you own any cats or dogs?

I have two adorable Beagle girls who bring joy to my life every single day.

Molly is a lot closer to 15 than 14 but you would never know it from the way she runs around the park and jumps from sofa to chair to ottoman without touching the floor. For an old lady with no spleen, she’s pretty amazing. She is the happiest, friendliest girl you will ever come across. The biggest challenge I will have with her in the store is that she will want to hop in the car with every customer and go on to the next adventure. Well … that, and keeping her from serving herself from the “buffet” bins.

Molly the Beagle

Sophie is 9 and more of a Mamma’s girl and she is absolutely the greatest hugger. She’s also a worrier and she likes for her routine not to be disrupted. If she could, she would spend her days alternating between chasing squirrels and sunbathing and would end her evenings in front of the fireplace. It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it! In the store, she will likely bark a little at visitors for the first little while but as long as the mailman doesn’t show up, she should do just fine!

Sophie the Beagle

7. Molly and Sophie hit the jackpot now that you run a specialty pet supply store! What’s their favourite treat or toy from Bone & Biscuit?

Molly and Sophie are pretty happy to be official Bone & Biscuit product testers and so far they have put their stamp of approval on absolutely everything. They are newly addicted to Darford Zero/G treats, Wag More Bark Less Biscuits, Puppy Love Dehydrated Chicken Breast and Bully Sticks, Northern Biscuit Canadian Bacon with Blueberries Cookies and Open Farm Bone Broth, just to name a few.

Sophie’s new best friend is her K9 Tuff Charming Cuddle Tug Bunny … she carries it from room to room and tries to take it with her on our walks

Beagle looking at treats at the Bone & Biscuit Burlington North

8. What’s your favourite product from Bone & Biscuit and why?

I’ve had a lot of time in the store with the new products while waiting to open and I’ve learned so much about foods and treats and harnesses and supplements, and much, much more. There are just too many fantastic brands and products to choose just one favourite. I am particularly impressed with the Open Farm line of foods and treats, not only because they use premium ingredients, but because those ingredients are ethically sourced and can be traced back to the source. In a world where so many pet foods have deceptively worded packaging and are filled with poor ingredients and known carcinogens, it’s comforting to know there are companies out there with a real conscience. Fromm Family Foods is another favourite with an incredible variety of recipes and an impeccable history. There are also many great Canadian raw food companies like Back2Raw, Iron Will Raw, Tollden Farms and Naturawls. I could go on and on, so you’ll just have to come in and see for yourself!

9. Where is the nearest dog park?

Burlington is home to three great leash-free parks with the closest being the Norton Leash Free Park, just 1.4 km down the road from the Bone & Biscuit. It is adjacent to the Haber Community/Recreation Centre and the Norton Skate Park, making it obvious why Burlington was named the best city in Canada to live and to raise a family by Maclean’s Magazine in 2019.

The store is also very close to Bronte Creek Provincial Park on the Oakville/Burlington border, which also has two leash-free zones.

10. What is the best advice you could give to new pet owners?

Love them, spoil them, have patience with them, keep them busy, and love them some more! Remember that everything is as new to them as it is to you, so do whatever you can to make them feel safe and comfortable. Don’t sweat the small stuff – there WILL be accidents and you might have to replace a sofa cushion or a pair of shoes (or in my case, baseboards), but the trade-off is more unconditional love than you would ever have imagined possible. Make sure they have toys and good things to chew on and create a space for them that they know is theirs and feels safe to them. Make sure they get plenty of exercise and eat properly balanced, healthy food and the rest will come …

Thanks for the spotlight, Kris!

Are you interested in opening your own Bone & Biscuit pet store? See our franchise information page and inquire about opportunities in your area!  ?


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