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Store Spotlight: Bone & Biscuit Vaughan North

This week we introduce the Bone & Biscuit Vaughan North to share their experience and local insight! Read on to learn about the new store owner as she shares her story. 


1. When did this location open? 

We opened on July 12th and had a great day meeting with people from the community who were waiting for us to open. They came by with their furry babies and we had an awesome time interacting with themwhich is the best part about and one of our main motivations for opening a pet food store. We are lucky to be in a great neighborhood with welcoming people and caring, loving pet parents.


2. Where are you located? 

We are located in the Smart Centre Plaza on Major Mackenzie Drive W. and Weston. We are in a newly built location close to Walmart. There is Sunset Grill and Buffalo Wings in the same plaza as us, along with a CIBC. Not far from us is Home Depot, Goodlife Fitness and Canada’s first Smart Hospital, Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, which will be opening up next year. There are a lot of shopping and eating places in and around our plaza and across the road from us. In short, it is a one stop shopping area for local residents.


3. What are the best ways for customers to contact the store for questions and stay up to date?

Instagram: @boneandbiscuitvaughannorth

Facebook: Bone & Biscuit (Vaughan North) 

Phone: 905-303-2200


4. What is your best selling product/toy right now? 

Our little pet visitors are loving the different pet treats they get to sample and take home. We have had customers coming back for Puppy Love Canadian Freeze Dried Salmon and Beef Liver. The open treat counter is like a magnet for the pets and parents always indulge in a bully stick or two for them. The favourite part for most of them, though are our birthday cookies from Bosco and Roxy, which are selling like hot cakes. Ziwi peaks is  popular too among our discerning customers for the awesome taste and Air dried Nutrition that it provides. 

5. What is your name?

Anubha Jhaldiyal 

6. Who else has been integral to the opening of the new store?

This is a family owned and operated business. I would not have been able to do this without the support of my family: my husband Ajay, my son Advait, and my daughter Akshajaa (who also works with me in the store) who have worked hard to get this going for me. Our youngest helper was 5 yr old Syra Prasad who pitched in all her efforts with her mom, my niece Shagun Prasad, to help us have a smooth opening.


7. Do you own any cats or dogs?

We have a 1 yr old  dog who we got as a pup from Niagara Dog Rescue. Her name is Nahani, which means “free spirited.” She is a German Shepard/Husky mix and she is as independent as her name suggests.

I am currently also fostering a Border Collie Mix, from Niagara Dog Rescue. Both dogs love their raw food, treats, and toys from the store. They have been indulged with bully sticks, raw and packaged treats, and toys since we opened. I am sure they are loving their lives right now!


8. What has inspired your interest in owning a Bone & Biscuit location? 

I come from a financial background and have always been passionate about pets. After Java, my Golden Retriever, passed away in 2017, I started fostering for Niagara Dog Rescue (which, is a great organization with some awesome, dedicated volunteers). I developed a deep respect for people who were spending day and night for rescue dogs and I felt lucky to be a small part of it.

During the course of my fostering, I got interested in the nutrition aspect of pet food. This was mainly due to one of the fosters whose kidneys were failing and who could not be adopted out. I started preparing special meals for him and within a few days he was thriving. He put on weight, lost all his dandruff, and had a silky, beautiful, black and red fur coat. The dog, who the vet wanted to put down at the time of his diagnosis, lived a very active and healthy lifestyle for 8 more months after that. This drove home to me that nutrition was a key factor for pet wellbeing and I wanted to do more with it. I looked up companies to partner with and found Bone and Biscuit online. Their principles resonated with me and the rest is history! I have a Bone and Biscuit store and am all ready to help other pets lead a nutritious, healthy life.


9. Nahani hit the jackpot now that you run a specialty pet supply store! What kind of toy/treat does Nahani currently love?

Both dogs loves Ziwi Peaks, Tripe and Lamb and Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Beef and Turkey, as food toppers. For treats they like the Open Farm Cod Skins and Orijen Freeze dried treats. We give them Crumps Plaque Buster, an excellent product for oral hygiene, and the Red Dog Blue Kat raw bones to gnaw on. They also love playing with their West Paw and Charming toys. They sure have hit the jackpot!

10. Where is the nearest dog park?

Concord Dog park is the nearest dog park to us. It’s a great area to let your dog run free and play with other furry friends. It has a gated fence so the dogs are safe inside and there is a seperate section for smaller dogs.

11. What is the best advice you could give to new pet owners? 

It’s important for a new pet owner to educate themselves about the pet food options they have and select the most nutritious and healthy food for the dog, keeping in mind their own convenience as well. Sustainability is the key to any diet and it is important not to get carried away with trends and rumours. Read the labels to see what the top ingredients on a food are and select the food with healthy and fresh ingredients.


Thanks for the spotlight, Anubha!

Are you interested in opening your own Bone & Biscuit pet store? See our franchise information page and inquire about opportunities in your area!  ?


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