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Store Spotlight: Bone & Biscuit Vaughan East

This week we introduce the Bone & Biscuit Vaughan East to share their experience and local insight! Read on to learn about the new store owner as she shares her story. 


1. When did this location open? 

The Bone and Biscuit Vaughan East opened on August 9th, 2019.  


2. Where are you located? 

We are located in the Rutherford Marketplace on the corner of Rutherford Road and Bathurst Street.  Easily accessible from the sidewalk on Bathurst, as well as the parking lot, we are the end unit next to the LCBO and What-A-Bagel.


3. What are the best ways for customers to contact the store for questions and stay up to date? 

Follow us on Instagram: @boneandbiscuitvaughaneast

Like us on Facebook:

Or give us a call: 905-303-1111


4. What’s your name?

Meghan Billingsley



5. Who else has been integral to the opening of the new store?

Foremost my husband Dan has been the biggest supporter in every way.  All of our family and friends have been integral to making this vision a reality.  We really feel the love and the belief that we are bringing something different to the community.


6. Do you own any cats or dogs?

We have two pups that work at the store.  Bill Murray (who is the CPO – Chief Puppy Officer) is a 3 year old Schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix. We actually do call him by his full name.  He definitely lives up to his name sake. He is silly and slightly inappropriate, but it’s endearing – just like the real Bill Murray! Bill Murray was an only pup for two years until we welcomed Lola into our family and these two became instant besties.  

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Lola (the CQO- Cheif Quality Officer) is a 3 year old mix from Mexico.  We think she has some pug in there but we always love to hear what people think she is!  Lola came to us last year and has been owning our hearts ever since. She is a little angel filled with sweetness. All she wants is to be a good girl, snuggle up and from time-to-time vigorously whip her tiny stuffies around.

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7. What has inspired your interest in owning a Bone & Biscuit location? 

Although our jobs in Marketing and Sales were good, we wanted to apply those skills to an industry that resonates with our passion. We have been animal lovers and owners for a long time and have always wanted to work in a field where we could help animals and their people. We are also very interested in fitness and nutrition. When we thought about opening a business, we wanted to bring education about nutrition to pet owners and build a community where people would want to take their pets.  The Bone and Biscuit is all of these things. After meeting the founder and his team, we instantly aligned with the values and objectives of the business- even right down to the clean, welcoming and trendy aesthetic of the store!  


8. Bill Murray and Lola hit the jackpot now that you run a specialty pet supply store! What kind of toy/treat do Bill Murray and Lola currently love?

Bill Murray’s favorite item at the store right now is the Puppy Love Beef Slims, as well as anything under two feet that he can reach.  He is a curious little guy who never really focuses on one thing. Lola on the other hand, loves anything by Iron Will. This raw food is her absolute favorite.


9. What is the best advice you could give to new pet owners? 

The best advice I can give a new pet owner would be to keep reminding yourself that everyone, including your new pet, is in a transition.  Have patience, compassion and understanding for your new family member and for yourself! It’s ok to feel unsure, scared and frustrated. There are communities and resources available to help you through the adjustment and training.  Reach out to your vet, a trainer or friends for advice then make the decisions that are best for your pet and your family. There is no one piece of advice that is the right way.


Thanks for the spotlight, Meghan!

Are you interested in opening your own Bone & Biscuit pet store? See our franchise information page and inquire about opportunities in your area!  ?


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