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Store Spotlight: Bone & Biscuit Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Bone & Biscuit is excited to announce the opening of our new store location in Fort Saskatchewan on August 31st! Read on to learn about the new store owners as they share their story.


1. When do you open?

We will be opening on August 31st, 2018. Anyone signing up for the frequent buyer program on opening day will receive 50 free Biscuit Bucks as a thank you for joining our team of pet lovers.


2. Where are you located?

We are located in the Southpointe Mall at the junction of Hwys 21 and 15 in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. We are two doors down from Starbucks, kitty-corner to Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar. Just across from the new Scotiabank. 

Our address is:

105 – 9378 Southfort Drive, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, T8L 0C5

3. What are the best ways for customers to contact the store for questions and stay up to date?

Like our page on Facebook:

Follow us on Instagram: @boneandbiscuitfortsask

Or call us! Our store phone number is 587-285-BONE (2663)


4. What’s your name?

Liz Andrade and George Hache. We are two owners working a wonderful partnership. 

5. Who else has been integral to the opening of the new store?

This is a family owned and operated business. Our oldest introduced us to the wonderful world of Bone & Biscuit and shortly after that, we started to talk franchise.


6. Do you own any cats or dogs?

We currently have  Shorty who is a female 6-year-old Corgi/Chihuahua and a dear old male Ginger Cat named Tim after he ate a TimBit. Can you guess how “Shorty” got her name? Shorty thinks that everyone coming toward her is her friend and loves to be petted and loved. She is a super friendly soft little pile of fur.

We had a lovely Lab/Rottweiler cross named Stitchy that we had to put down to cancer. She was a beautiful old girl and we think of her very often. We decided to get Shorty during the last 4 years of Stitchy’s life. That helped to give Shorty an advantage because Stitchy taught the little one how to behave and how to stay safe on our acreage. 

The kids brought home a wild baby rabbit once and then I didn’t know what I know now. Never pick up a baby rabbit, mumma will be back to get it, they are just foraging for food for the little one. Not thinking, we kept the baby and raised the wild rabbit and nursed it to health and boy did he, “Jack” get big. He loved to listen to music, eat popcorn out of the bowl and run around the house after we went to bed. Then I began leaving the patio door open and he ventured out on numerous occasions and one day, Jack just never returned. I always hoped he was able to have a normal rabbit life and have a family of his own.


7. What has inspired your interest in owning a Bone & Biscuit location?

Our joint background is construction management and safety work but that always took us away from home, each other and our pets. So, we decided to try our hand at the retail business. Now we get to live at home, only drive a short distance to the store, and best of all, we get to have Shorty with us if she wants to join in.

George and I have always had pets in our lives but now they mean so much more to us, they are not just pets but they are “the kids” as the human “kids” have left home.

We are devoted to our pets and all animals and our compassion for animal welfare runs deep in our family. Many of the family have taken the time to rescue dogs and cats from imminent death and have been able to find forever homes for them. Also, we have a remarkable agility trainer as part of our family who is working with One Mind Dogs. There are approximately 14 dogs and a few cats in the whole family so the reunion would be a hairy one. 


8. Shorty hit the jackpot now that you run a specialty pet supply store! What kind of toy/treat does Shorty currently love?

She just loves the small squeaky yellow tennis balls, they fit perfectly into her mouth and she can catch them when they are tossed to her. It’s nice that she doesn’t destroy them like Stitchy used to.

Another favourite toy is the Tuff line, they have all kinds of animals as part of their line. Shorty loves the ducks and the big pink pig!

9. Where is the nearest dog park?

West Rivers Edge Dog Park is the newest off-leash dog park. This is also known as Point Aux Pin Road. Hours of Operation are 6:00am to 11:00pm daily


There is also a small off-leash dog park in the industrial area just south of the transfer station.


What is the best advice you could give to new pet owners?

  1. Keep your pet safe all year long, both in hot and cold weather, they need your help, remember they rely on you for all their needs.
  2. Be kind to your pet, there is no need to yell at them, they learn very well with a soft voice and hand signals
  3. Make sure to watch your pets at all times, don’t just let them loose in your yard, they can get in trouble too just like children
  4. Ensure your pet has access to clean fresh water at all times. And make sure they’re getting enough exercise!
  5. Always show your pet how much you love them with affection. Touch them often, rub them, stroke their fur and get them to play with other dogs (get them then right shots from the vet to prevent “parvo”). Dog’s need to socialize with other dogs and they need structure in their lives. They need to know that they are not the boss, don’t let them rule you, or you may end up needing the help of a trainer.
  6. There is some great information out there on the internet on how to raise your pup to be a wonderful, devoted companion!

Thanks for the spotlight Liz and George!

Are you interested in opening your own Bone & Biscuit pet store? See our franchise information page and inquire about opportunities in your area!  ?

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  • Great photos and write-up, guys! Love and hugs!! and best of luck!!

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