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Store Owner Spotlight: Bone & Biscuit in Fort McMurray, Alberta

This week we introduce Laura, who manages 2 Bone & Biscuit’s in Fort McMurray (Franklin Ave and StoneCreek)! Laura found her inspiration to open a pet store after seeing the Bone & Biscuit featured on an episode of “Be the Boss Canada” in early 2014. Today she is proud of her passionate team and manages 2 locations with her 4 year old Shepherd Mastiff, Jax.

1. When did this location open?
Both locations opened their doors to the Pet Parents of Fort McMurray in 2014. 

2. Where are you located?

8412 Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray
Located  between Franklin Ave and Manning Ave next door to Subway and Fatburger across from Save On Foods.

108 Riverstone Ridge, Fort McMurray
Located in the Stoneycreek Plaza in Timberlea between Mark’s Work Warehouse and Flight Centre.

3. What are the best ways for customers to contact the store for questions and stay up to date?



Phone Number:
Franklin: 780-743-8076
Stonecreek: 587-537-0599

4. What is your best selling product/toy right now?

Food is fuel and we’re happy to stock and sell so much of it! We get SO excited hearing so many success stories with raw feeding or hearing about how “Fido’s” skin issues finally cleared up after helping him find the right food.

5. What’s your name?

Laura Perry

Laura and Jax!

6. Who else has been integral to  the store?

I’m so fortunate to have such an incredible team of kind, passionate pet lovers to work with every day!  I could go on for days about this group of “crazy dog-ladies” always going above and beyond to help our customers and never passing up the opportunity to pet a dog or cat.

Following the Wildfires last year, there was so much work to be done at both locations to get us back up and running. Without my awesome team this would not have been possible.  We spent many late nights and early mornings cleaning, organizing and re-stocking and through all that hard work there was always laughter throughout the store.


7. Do you own any cats or dogs?

I have an ultra goofy Shepherd Mastiff cross named Jax who’s four.  Jax is truly my sidekick and adventure buddy and goes just about everywhere I do.  He loves all people and despite my efforts, still assumes everyone entering the store is there exclusively to pet him.

Jax, Shepherd Mastiff, 4

8. What has inspired your interest in managing these Bone & Biscuit locations?

Growing up we always had dogs and cats and they always ate whatever was on sale at the local supermarket that day. They were always “fine” but as they aged the health issues became overwhelming to our family and ultimately difficult decisions would need to be made. Even then I knew there had to be something better.

It wasn’t until I adopted Jax that I really became the Crazy Dog Lady I am today. I began researching nutrition, brands and  training techniques. But unfortunately at that time the area I lived in didn’t offer a lot of selection in Raw or Biologically appropriate foods for pets. So I learned a few recipes, purchased the best grain-free kibble I could find,  and made do with the resources that I had.

I had already set the date for my move to Fort McMurray when I saw an episode of Be the Boss Canada featuring the Bone & Biscuit. I remember watching it and thinking “ Wow I wish we had that here!” A few weeks later I arrived in Fort McMurray excited to make it my home and was thrilled to then end up having the opportunity to work with the Bone & Biscuit Co. to make my love for animals my career as well.  
Now, nearly 3 years later I’m so proud to call this community my home and continue to meet all of your furry friends every day.  

9. Jax hit the jackpot with you running a specialty pet supply store! What kind of toy/treat does Jax currently love?

As a raw fed dog, Jax loves his food and switching up his protein sources. This week he’s been enjoying lamb and turkey. But his very favourite day of the week is Tripe Tuesday. He’d do anything to get his paws on a bowl of that stinky greatness.

Outside of his regular food, Jax loves raw bones, Farm Fresh Beef Treats and Wild Bites. He spends a good portion of every day practicing his sad face until someone gives him some Buffalo with Blueberries.

His current favourite inside toy is his Lamb Chop which he carries around the house to each of his beds to snuggle with. Outside, he’s been kicking around his JW Holee Roller for the last few weeks and throwing his Beco Rope in the lap of all who visit for a good game of tug-o-war.

10. What is the best advice you could give to new pet owners?

Never stop learning! Our obligation as pet owners is to give our pets the best life we are able to. Knowledge is the key to healthy and happy pets so take your time to the research and become your pet’s wellness advocate in all areas including proper nutrition, socialization and training. ?

Thanks Laura!

Are you interested in opening your own Bone & Biscuit pet store? See our franchise information page and inquire about opportunities in your area! 


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