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Now Open: The New Bone & Biscuit Maple Ridge Location!

Man and woman in jeans and grey sweatshirts stand outside of The Bone & Biscuit in Maple Ridge

Just three years ago, Karen and Jay were preparing to open their first Bone & Biscuit location in Port Moody

Today, they are getting ready to launch their second location in nearby Maple Ridge

“We’re a little bit anxious but terribly excited,” said Jay in a recent interview with The Bone & Biscuit. “The Port Moody store is going so well, so we are hoping that the Maple Ridge store kicks off just as well.” 

Jay and Karen have plenty of reasons for opening a second location, including their love of animals (they have three dogs at home – “They’re all nuts,” says Jay). 

New location for Maple Ridge residents

The new location will convenience the many Maple Ridge residents who currently make the half-hour drive to the Port Moody location. 

There’s also some clear opportunity for growth. 

“The store is on the other end of Maple Ridge, the far end where there’s lots of development going up, so that’s pretty exciting,” Jay says. 

Putting family first

But the most important reason is their eleven-year-old daughter Jasmine. She is autistic, and Jay and Karen want to plan for her adulthood. 

“You never know how the future is going to pan out with autism, but there’s a good chance she’ll never be able to work a ‘normal’ 9-5 job,” says Jay. Their stores will provide employment for Jasmine that is accessible to her strengths. 

“This is all about the future for her,” Jay says. “She is an amazing kid.” 

The future looks bright for The Bone & Biscuit Newport (Port Moody) and Cottonwood (Maple Ridge), as new faces visit the Port Moody store every day, as well as committed regulars. 

“We’ve got a whole bunch of regulars who come in every single day for treats for their dogs and just to say hi, which is awesome because Port Moody is very community-driven,” says Jay. 

“Every day we’re meeting new little pups – it’s amazing.” 

A day in the life of a pet supply store owner

Jay describes the pet supply store owner lifestyle as “a grind, but a fun grind,” which sees him up at six in the morning, heading out early to get the store ready for the day. “In bed by nine, and repeat the next day,” he says. 

“We’ve been open in Port Moody now for three years, and not a day of it feels like work. Every day you get up, it’s a new day, and you know you’re going to meet some new people, and some new pups, and it’s fantastic. It’s so much fun.” 

Man and woman in office wearing jeans and grey sweatshirts with a pit bull dog in the woman's lap.

Talking about pet nutrition

Many of the conversations with pet owners are about what to feed their dogs and cats. To Jay, providing good nutrition is one of the most important aspects of being a pet owner. 

“Food is everything for the health and happiness of our animals,” says Jay. “Come on in and talk to us about food and learn about what’s out there and what we have.” 

Celebrating the new store in Maple Ridge

Very soon, the residents of Maple Ridge will have a short drive to The Bone & Biscuit Cottonwood to talk about all things pet nutrition, toys, treats, and gear. Celebrations are in order, but not until BC’s Health Authority advises that it is safe to do so. Current COVID-19 restrictions include limitations on the number of people allowed in the store at one time. 

“As soon as things lighten up we will have an adoption day, so people can come in and take a look at the dogs, and we’ll probably incorporate that into a grand opening,” says Jay. 

Karen and Jay currently work with Coogo Rescue Foundation to host their adoption days. “They bring in a lot of dogs over from Taiwan, dogs that have been living on the street or in kill shelters,” says Jay. 

“Coogo brings them here and helps to find good homes for them.”

There’s a lot of good to celebrate with Jay and Karen of Bone & Biscuit Newport and soon,  Cottonwood. Stop in with your dog or cat and say hello – if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll also get to meet a very special girl named Jasmine.

Ready to visit The Bone & Biscuit Maple Ridge?

The Bone and Biscuit Cottonwood in Maple Ridge is now open! View location information and follow @boneandbiscuitcottonwood on Instagram to learn more.

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  • Congratulations Karen and Jay! Hope we will still see lots of you in Port Moody as you are the highlight of our shopping trip!
    All the best
    Debbie and Jackson with an underbite

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