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4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Occupied Indoors

Spending long hours inside is an adjustment for everyone, including your pet. It’s important to stick to your pet’s routines as much as possible. When you return to work, your pet may experience separation anxiety spending days at home alone. This is especially important for pets who have dealt with separation anxiety in the past. Encourage your pet’s independence with activities that provide mental stimulation and keep them out of trouble. Not only is this healthy for them, but it’s also helpful if you’re busy working from home.

Here are a few of our tips and favourite products to prevent pet boredom.

1. Make Them Work For Their Treats

The Kong Quest has multiple compartments that can be filled with treats. The tempting smell will keep your dog chewing and occasionally reward them for their efforts. This toy can also be filled with raw food, coconut oil, or pumpkin puree and put into the freezer. Try different combinations to see what keeps your pup busy the longest.

2. Give Them A Long-Lasting Snack

Bully Sticks are an all-natural treat that will keep your dog gnawing while you take a break. There are also several benefits of Bully Sticks. Chewing on a beef pizzle is good for your dog’s oral hygiene, as it scrapes off the built-up plaque and tartar from their teeth. If your dog isn’t a fan of Bully Sticks, consider another natural treat, such as raw bones or antlers. Pick up your pup’s favourite and give them a snack that’ll last hours.

3. Tap Into Those Feline Instincts

Let’s not forget about our feline friends! Cats have a natural tendency to stalk and hunt their prey. Make their playtime engaging by tapping into those hunter instincts. The Spinning Bee cat toy keeps your cat interested by spinning, shining a laser, and dropping treats. It’s the perfect prey waiting for a kitten attack.

4. Challenge Them With A Puzzle

Designed by Nina Ottosson, Outward Hound’s Dog Puzzles will keep your dog entertained while they learn new skills. Uncovering the hidden treats helps build their problem-solving skills. These dog games have different levels so you can choose one that’s suited to your dog’s ability. You can also challenge your pup by giving them harder puzzles as their skills improve. 

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From our pack to yours, stay safe and healthy everyone!


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