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Bone & Biscuit Instagram Takeover

Our store owners and staff are taking over our Instagram @boneandbiscuit! They’ll be sharing their expertise through live video streams and Ask Me Anythings.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about dog adoption or get the down-low on puppy essentials, we’ve got you covered!

Catch our pet advisors streaming live! Follow our Bone & Biscuit Instagram for reminders to tune-in. See below for the topics we’ll be covering throughout the month.


On June 30th, Meghan will be going live on Instagram to talk about the Nail Trims For Charity, where 100% of the proceeds go to Fetch & Releash Dog Rescue. From donations to adoptions, find out more about our grooming program that gives back!

Curious if your pup is getting all the nutrients they need? Ask Meghan your questions about pet supplements! Visit @boneandbiscuit Instagram Stories on July 2nd to submit your questions.

Meghan is the store owner at Bone & Biscuit Vaughan East. She was inspired to open her business because she wanted to educate pet owners about nutrition and build a community where people would want to take their pets. Read Meghan’s Store Spotlight to learn more about her journey to becoming a small business owner.

Join Booke’s live video on July 14th to learn what supplies you’ll need to bring a new puppy home. Getting all the puppy essentials can be daunting, but Brooke is here to make it simple. Don’t miss her product recommendations and guide to getting started.

On July 16th, Brooke is taking your questions about Puppy Training. From learning commands to potty training, submit your questions to @boneandbiscuit.

Brooke is a staff member at Bone & Biscuit Grande Prairie and has lots of personal experience working with young puppies. Visit Brooke in store for her firsthand knowledge and product recommendations.

Tune in for Anubha’s live video on July 28th! She will be speaking about the process of fostering and adoption with Niagara Dog Rescue. Not only does Anubha have professional insight, but also personal experience. Through her collaboration with Niagara Dog Rescue, Anubha’s fostered several dogs and adopted both of her rescue pups with the organization.

On July 30th, ask Anubha your questions about introducing a foster or adopted dog into your home. Whether you’re curious about crate training or the dynamics of a multi-dog home, she’s ready to answer your questions!

Anubha is the store owner at Bone & Biscuit Vaughan North. Learn more about her story with fostering and adoption in the Vaughan North Store Spotlight.

Don’t miss our pet advisors, tune-in Tuesdays at 2:30pm EST to watch their live videos on @boneandbiscuit.


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