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House Training Your Puppy Using a Crate

It is exciting to bring home a new puppy. Then the hard work starts. First thing up is house training. The sooner you get started the better as puppies can go 6-8 times a day.

One widely popular method of house training a puppy is crate training. When selecting the right crate make sure it will grow with your puppy, but is not so big that they can relieve themselves in a far-away corner. Start off with short periods of time in the crate and when the time is up, bring the puppy outside right away. Always praise your puppy when they go outside. Watch for bathroon patterns to emerge and respond right away.

Avoid punishing accidents as this can make training take longer and confuse and frighten your new puppy. And remember, just like human babies, puppy’s have much smaller bladders, and holding it all night is just too much to ask. A midnight stroll outside before you drift off to sleep may just be the key to successful night training.

The desire to please their masters is instinct in puppies. Be patient and reward good behaviour and soon you will have a full grown and fully training family dog.


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