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Get Your Paws Moving This Spring With Paws In Motion, Bone & Biscuit’s Newest Pet Fitness Initiative

Spring is here, and we’re ready to get outside and get moving with an exciting new initiative we think you’ll love!

Pet health and wellness are core values here at the Bone & Biscuit. We truly believe in encouraging healthy habits (for you and your pet), which is why we wanted to launch a new spring initiative all about getting outside and getting active with your pet.

Just in time for Canine Fitness Month, we’re launching the Paws In Motion spring fitness initiative nationwide. 

Curious about what the Paws In Motion initiative en-tails? Learn more about this new Bone & Biscuit initiative below. 

Introducing The Bone & Biscuit Paws In Motion Spring Pet Fitness Initiative:

Pet health and wellness have always been a priority at the Bone & Biscuit. Pets are our family members, and giving our family members the best pet food, toys, treats and pet products makes sure that we’re helping them live their best lives possible. That’s why we exclusively work with brands that provide real, natural and healthy products that we know will give your pets what they need to live the healthy and happy lifestyle they deserve.

Always looking for new and fun ways to encourage healthy habits, we wanted to start an initiative that was all about getting outside and getting active with your pet. 

Get your paws in motion with the Bone & Biscuit this spring. a Jack Russell terrier in a blue harness runs in a green grass field on a sunny day on a white background.

Paws In Motion is ultimately about encouraging pet owners to get outside, explore their local communities, parks and walking trails, and get active with their pets. Here’s how you can participate in the Bone & Biscuit spring pet fitness initiative:

What Is The Bone & Biscuit Paws In Motion Initiative?

Paws In Motion is a spring fitness initiative happening in your local community. 

To encourage pet owners to go outside with their pets and to get active, we’ve hidden special QR Codes in local parks, walking trails and community fitness areas that you can scan to receive exclusive discounts you can redeem at your participating local Bone & Biscuit. 

A pet-friendly treasure hunt and pet fitness exercise all in one, you and your pet can hunt down the QR Codes together as a fun activity (and save on your favourite pet products while you’re at it). 

When Is The Bone & Biscuit Paws In Motion Initiative? 

Just in time for April’s Canine Fitness Month, Paws In Motion is running all spring season long!

Paws In Motion Starts: April 1st, 2023.*

Paws In Motion Ends: May 31st, 2023.

*Please note: QR Codes in your community will begin popping up on April 1st, however not all QR codes will be immediately available for launch. Please contact your closest location for more details on their specific launch date.

How Do I Participate In the Bone & Biscuit Paws In Motion Initiative?

A woman in a straw hat and brown sweater with her back turned walks her golden retriever dog in the opposite direction along a brick path in a park as a way of participating in the Paws In Motion spring pet fitness initiative.

To participate in Paws In Motion, explore your local parks, walking trails and community areas with your dog or cat and look for the Bone & Biscuit QR Code posters. Once you find one, scan the QR Code and follow the instructions on the page to download your coupon to redeem in-store at participating Bone & Biscuit locations. 

While we know that this initiative is very dog-focused, Paws In Motion is open to cat owners, too! Whether your cat is adventurous enough to explore with you, or you want a fun excuse to go on a walk on your own, we hope that both dog and cat owners participate in this initiative. (And yes, there will be cat and dog products included in our deals!)

That’s it! If you’d like to encourage others to participate in the pet fitness initiative, please share your pet fitness photos and tag @boneandbiscuit with the hashtag #pawsinmotion on Instagram & Facebook. We’d love to see and share your pet fitness photos – the more the merrier! 

Every participating location will be posting hints throughout the initiative, so be sure to follow your local Bone & Biscuit on Instagram or Facebook to get the most up-to-date information about how to participate in your area. 

What Deals Can I Get For Participating In The Paws In Motion Initiative?

We’ve selected a variety of exclusive deals, for both dog products and cat products, from some of our favourite brands you can redeem in-store at participating Bone & Biscuit locations. Check out these awesome pet product brands included in the Paws In Motion deals*:

  • Acana Freeze-Dried Food
  • Adored Beast Apothecary
  • Bold By Nature
  • Go!
  • Iron Will Raw Pet Food
  • K9 Natural
  • Now Fresh
  • Open Farm
  • Primal Pet Foods Inc. 
  • Red Dog Blue Kat
  • Weruva
  • West Paw Design

 *Please note: Specific deals will vary from location to location and are dependent on product availability.

Which Bone & Biscuit Locations Are Participating In The Paws In Motion Initiative?

Many Bone & Biscuit locations across Canada are participating in the Paws In Motion initiative this spring, including in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Check out the full list of participating locations below:



*Please Note: While the initiative launches on April 1st, QR Code setups will be staggered as Bone & Biscuit locations get them set up in your local community. Please check back here as we continue to update this blog post for your convenience, or check with your local Bone & Biscuit for their estimated launch date. Please also note that not all locations will be using QR Codes in an effort to follow their local bylaws, and are instead sharing Photo Spots throughout the initiative. Please follow your local Bone & Biscuit on social media for more information on how you can participate in Paws In Motion in your local community.

Three pet owners and their three dogs, a Dalmatian, a pug and a great dane, walk their dogs in a green grassy field to participate in the Bone & Biscuit Paws In Motion spring pet fitness initiative.

Get Your Paws In Motion With The Bone & Biscuit This Spring!

We hope you are as excited as we are about Paws In Motion! Make sure to tag us in your #pawsinmotion photos – We can’t wait to see you all getting your Paws In Motion with The Bone & Biscuit this spring.

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Let’s get moving, everyone!

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