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A spaniel, a bulldog mix, and a german shepard mix in party hats sit together ready to celebrate the grand opening of the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard Location.

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard Spotlight: New North York Store Now Open!

From customers to store owners, Christopher and Katherine couldn’t be more excited to finally open their doors to their Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location!

A mother-son duo working as a team, the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard opened on September 9th, 2022, and it’s been a busy (but exciting) time for the pair ever since. If you’re just as excited as we are about the new location, keep reading to find out more about Christopher and Katherine, and what you can expect from the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location.

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard On Connecting With Pet Owners, Animals And The Community

As animal lovers, it was their passion for pets and shopping as a customer at Bone & Biscuit that made them want to join the Bone & Biscuit family.

“Our passion for pets and their wellbeing made us want to open our location. We wanted to be able to educate customers on pet nutrition and work with animals and be able to make a difference in pets’ and owners’ lives. We love that we are connecting with the local community, as we used to be customers ourselves,” 

says Christopher

Inspired by shopping at Bone & Biscuit stores themselves, they’re looking forward to interacting with customers and their pets in their own store and sharing their experiences and knowledge with fellow pet owners.

“We’re looking forward to making connections with our customers and their pets, and offering them support and our knowledge regarding nutrition and pet care.”

Katherine Scalzi, one of the store owners of the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location, raises her arms excitedly from behind the cookie and pet bakery counter at her Bone & Biscuit store in North York, Ontario.
Katherine, Christopher’s mother and fellow store owner, is so excited to welcome customers to their Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location.

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard’s Unique ‘Spark’ In The Pet World 

For Christopher and Katherine, what made them fall in love with Bone & Biscuit stores, and what made them want to offer that same thing to their local community, was the high-quality customer service and nutrient-dense foods they could offer. It’s something that stood out to them compared to other pet supply stores, and something they know will make their store special to their customers.

“First and foremost, customer service is a big one for us. We want our customers to always feel welcome when entering our store. We take great pride in the products we carry, and stand behind them. We only carry products that we trust and that are full of nutrients. Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and always available to help, too. It’s something we’re proud to offer, and we think is unique to Bone & Biscuit,”

says Christopher.

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard’s Furry (And Scaly) Family Members

Christopher, one of the store owners of the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard Location, smiles and holds his french bulldog mix, Gordy, while outside in a park in North York, Ontario.
Christopher, one of the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard store owners, with his bulldog Gordy.

As to their pets, they have an adorable menagerie of animals, from an adorable dog to a bearded dragon.

“We have a four-year-old bulldog mix named Gordy (who is our store mascot). He loves socializing with dogs and people almost as much as he loves food! We also have a three-year-old Netherland dwarf rabbit named Tortellini. He is happiest when Gordy isn’t bothering him, and when he’s eating hay and greens. Lastly, we have a leopard gecko named Selena and a bearded dragon named Klaus.”

With their family of pets, they love the positivity and joy their pets give them (especially Gordy’s playfulness!) There are so many things they love about being pet owners and having animals in their lives, but for them, it’s the love and fun that their animals bring to their day-to-day lives.

“There are so many positive things to owning a pet, but our favourite (and we do have many) is the fun-loving personality that Gordy has. In a nutshell, we love everything about Gordy, from his playfulness to his curiosity, but most of all his joy and the joy he gives us,” 

says Christopher.

Finding High-Quality, Natural And Healthy Options For Your Pets At Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard

Of course, as pet owners themselves, they know how important it is to have high-quality, nutrient-dense foods and products for your pets. They want to be able to offer customers what they look for themselves and are thrilled to be able to provide natural, healthy foods and knowledgable customer service. 

“First and foremost, we want to provide great customer service as we take that very seriously! We are excited to introduce our customers to all the natural and healthy products that we provide for cats and dogs, as well as offering our knowledge on diet and health for their pets.”

The Prime North York Location of Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard

Located in North York’s City Centre, their Bone & Biscuit location has plenty to offer in nearby activities, dog parks, local businesses, and more. Christopher and Katherine are excited that their Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location is centrally located with great access for their customers and community.

“Being in North York’s City Centre, there is always much to do. It is the perfect mix of urban living with the “comforts” of the ‘burbs. Mel Lastman Square is always buzzing with activities. If you are looking for peaceful settings, there are many parks amongst the residential streets as well as plenty of dog parks, such as Yonge & York Mills dog park, the Willowdale off-leash dog park and the Earl Bales Park to name a few nearby. We’re really excited about our location because it’s so central.” 

The Google Maps view of Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard's location in North York Ontario.

Sharing Boneified Advice From The Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard Team

Christopher, one of the new store owners of the new Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location in North York Ontario, crouches next to his bulldog named Gordy.

And if you’re a new (or experienced) pet owner in need of advice, they’re happy to help and share their knowledge with you.

From which dog food might work for your pup to general advice, they’re always open to help you take care of your pets. For them, pet ownership means putting your pet’s needs first and being open-minded.

“Always put your pet’s needs first and always keep learning and adapting to new information that becomes available. It’s important to remember that having a pet is a huge responsibility and that they need a lot of love and attention. Good pet ownership is not something you achieve but rather something that keeps evolving,”

shares Christopher.

Celebrate Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard’s Grand Opening With Christopher & Katherine This October

Eager to help their community and fellow pet owners take care of their pets, they couldn’t be more delighted to open their Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard store. And if you live nearby and are hoping to celebrate with them, they’ll be holding a Grand Opening Event in October, and you’re invited!

“We are in the process of planning our Grand Opening Event which will take place on Saturday, October 15th starting at 10 am. We plan on having photos with your pets, giveaways, raffles, grand prizes, in-store demos and much more.” 

A spaniel, a bulldog mix, and a german shepard mix in party hats sit together ready to celebrate the grand opening of the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard Location.
Come help Christopher & Katherine celebrate the opening of the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard store and bring your dogs to join in the fun, too!

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard: Now Open And Ready To Serve Their Community’s Pet Needs

Ready to help owners with their pets’ needs, Christopher and Katherine can’t wait to meet and connect with their community. 

Got any questions, need advice on new food for your dog or cat, or live in the area and want to check out the new Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location? Be sure to stop by the store to meet the new owners and see the new location; you might even get the chance to say “hi” to Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard’s mascot, Gordy, who’s always eager for new faces. And don’t forget to mark your calendars to join them on October 15th for their Grand Opening celebration! 

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard Grand Opening Celebration:

The Grand Opening Celebration information for Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard.

Where it is:

At the Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard location, in the Yonge Sheppard Centre in North York, Ontario.

Here is the address:

Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard

Unit #119A – 4841 Yonge Street

North York, Ontario

When it is:

Saturday, October 15th, 2022.

What time it starts:

10:00 am

What to expect:

Lots of fun, photos with your pets, giveaways, raffles, grand prizes, demos and more!

Where can I find out more?

You can connect with Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard via Instagram, Facebook, or call the store. You can find Bone & Biscuit Yonge Sheppard’s contact information and store hours here.


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