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5 Ways To Help Your Dog Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

With the beautiful summertime weather, now is your chance to discover new outdoor wonders with your furry friend. This August, help your pup beat the heat on your next adventure.

We’ve got 5 tips on how to cool down a dog and keep them ready to take on new experiences!

1. Keep Drinking Water On Hand.

Bring along a collapsible bowl and water bottle to be certain that your pup stays hydrated in the heat.

2. Get Wet.

If you’re spending long hours in the sun, it’s important that your dog has the opportunity to cool down. Take your dog for a swim in a nearby lake or body of water to prevent them from getting too hot.

Swimming Safety: If your dog is swimming for long hours it can cause injury to their tail and dry-drowning, so keep swim sessions short and make sure they take a break. When your dog is finished swimming, remove wet collars or harnesses to avoid rashes. If your furry friend isn’t a strong swimmer, ask your local store about puppy lifejackets to keep them safe.

3. Bring Frozen Treats.

Humans can enjoy popsicles, but dogs can enjoy PUPsicles! Whether you make your own frozen dog treats or bring a frozen bone, reward your dog with something cold. 

4. Rest In The Shade.

Outdoor adventures are exciting, but it’s also important to take time to slow down and rest. Take breaks in the shade so your dog can lie down and catch their breath. 

5. Invest In a Cooling Vest.

Depending on your next adventure, consider whether investing in puppy apparel is well suited for your dog. A cooling vest can help keep your dog’s temperature down while also offering protection from the sun.

Remember, sometimes the summer sun is simply too hot for our furry friends. If you can’t hold the back of your hand on the pavement for longer than 10 seconds, then it’s too hot to walk your dog on the road. When it’s too hot for outdoor adventures, practice some training indoors or opt for an early morning walk instead.

We wish all our pawrents happy and safe adventuring!

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