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Gift Cards

Give your loved one a gift card to pamper their furry friends! You can purchase an electronic gift certificate right here on our website! The gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient who may either print a copy, or save it on their smartphone. Redeemable in-store only.

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Gift Card FAQ

What is the Bone & Biscuit Card?
The Bone & Biscuit Card is a gift card that can be used to make purchases at any Bone & Biscuit store. It can also be reloaded at any Bone & Biscuit Card store as well as online at

Is the Bone & Biscuit Card easy to use?
The Bone & Biscuit Card is as easy to use as cash. The Card is presented for payment, the card is swiped, and the transaction is completed.

How does someone get a Bone & Biscuit Card?
Cash Cards are purchased at any Bone & Biscuit location

How much money can be loaded onto a Bone & Biscuit Card?
The Bone & Biscuit Card can be loaded with any value between the upper limit of $500.00, and the lower limit of $5.00.

How does a Cardholder check their card balance?
There are three ways to check the balance of a Bone & Biscuit Card:

  1. At any Bone & Biscuit location.
  2. Whenever the card is used to make a purchase
  3. Online at

Can the Bone & Biscuit Cards be re-used?
Yes. The Bone & Biscuit Cards can be used over and over and re-loaded whenever the cardholder chooses.

What if a Card presented at a Bone & Biscuit location does not have enough funds on it?
The POS system will print an “Insufficient Funds” notification. If there are funds available on the card, the card holder can use the remaining amount and pay the difference with an alternative form of payment.  The cardholder can also choose to reload their card at that time.

What if a card is lost?
If a card has been registered online at, the Cardholder can visit Bone & Biscuit and arrange to get a replacement card. If the card has not been registered, the card and the funds on the card will be lost.

Can a Bone & Biscuit Cardholder get the money back off their card?
Once a card is loaded funds cannot be refunded.

What happens when a Cardholder reports his card lost, stolen or damaged?
The general process to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card is:

  1. Customer comes into a Bone & Biscuit store.
  2. Identify the customer as the true cardholder
  3. Assign a replacement card
  4. Transfer the funds from the lost, stolen or damaged card to the replacement card

What is done when a card is swiped and the POS system reports that the card is not ‘readable” (when the card is swiped the card is not recognized).
In this situation the magnetic stripe on the back of the card may be damaged. The card can be replaced following the general process to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card.

What else should I know?
Cardholders can reload their card, check their card balance, review their transaction history and change their password at

Consumers can also purchase Bone & Biscuit e-Gift Cards at

Rather than physical card, The Bone & Biscuit can send your gift card recipients an electronic gift card by email. Just follow the instructions and send e-Gift Cards from anywhere to anyone, at any time.

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