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How To Show Your Dog Some Extra Love (The Ways They Like Most!)

You love your dog. You’ve got the photo libraries on your phone to prove it. The daily cuddles, walks and yummy treats you give are so worth that feeling you get when you come home to a super excited best friend.

Dogs are capable of knowing us, loving us and sensing how we feel. We depend on them for companionship, stress relief and adding joy to our lives.


If you’re a dog owner, you already know everything is just better with a dog. So how can you show your dog love for what they brings to your life?

Give them some extra gratitude in ways they will recognize as signs of your appreciation. Read on as Bone & Biscuit Regional Sales and Marketing Manager Laura Perry in Fort McMurray shares her expertise on five dog-approved ways to say thanks to your best buddy.


Take her for a car ride

New sights, smells and the momentum of adventure – dogs love a good car ride. Car rides trigger their hunting instincts and make them feel like part of the pack. Even a quick rip to the beach and back is an epic journey for your pet. Just remember to keep your adventures safe.

“Buckling up is just as important for your dog as it is for you,” says Perry. “Keep your dog safe and sound using a safety harness which connects right to your car’s seatbelt system.” Make the Vest Harness 2.0 from Canine Friendly your essential dog accessory for road trips with your pal.


Give her a treat

Researchers in Sweden recently confirmed dogs prefer to earn treats by performing a task.

“Reward good behaviour with low calorie healthy options such as Fruitables Skinny Minis or Canadian made Northern Biscuit treats,” Perry advises.


For a longer lasting reward, try a Bully Stick or Raw Bone. As Perry says, “chewing on these not only makes her happy, but cleans her teeth at the same time”.


Share some warmth

“Now that the colder months have arrived it’s important to ensure your pet is protected against the elements,” Perry says.

For some shorter-haired buddies a winter coat is essential to maintain body temperatures in cold climates. Check out the stylish selections from Canada Pooch and Chilly Dogs for top quality options.

Canada Pooch

All dogs appreciate extra protection for the sensitive pads on the paws, so consider a set of boots such as Muttluks for your best friend this winter, too. Boots also prevent burns and injuries caused by commercial ice-melters.


Frosty weather calls for thicker blankets, fluffier beds, like a donut bed from Bowsers Pet Products, and added cushion for bed time, when cold flooring can keep your buddy from a good night’s sleep.

Most dogs love a hearty romp in the snow. Gear them up appropriately to extend their playtime and comfort.


Play their way

“Dogs need exercise to be happy,” says Perry.

Play fetch with an ultra durable Jive Ball from West Paw to burn off extra energy. Better yet, turn it into a training exercise by having your dog perform a trick before throwing the ball.

Jive Ball
Jive Ball

A treat puzzle or topple toy are perfect for keeping your best friend busy and engaged during independent play time.


Gentle grooming

You know that happy dance your dog does after a bath at home? That’s your dog shouting to the world that they feel great.

Step up your grooming routine with gentle products to keep your dog healthy, happy and refreshed. “Use a Kong Zoomgroom brush during bath time,” recommends Perry. “This brush not only removes hair your dog would otherwise shed around the house but provides them a gentle massage during bath time.”

Kong Zoom Groom

For a relaxing grooming routine outside the bath, try a lavender calming spritz from Earthbath and a Furminator Deshedding Tool on the coat.

Like us, dogs love a bit of pampering. Follow Perry’s advice and your best friend will return the favour with lots of love.


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